Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Before the move, there was the New Year

My dad and Kirsten show just how special the family party was the day of New Year's Eve.

My dad's side of the family has been having a Christmas party around New Years for the last ... hmm... I don't know, 6 years and it is a tradition we look forward to.

This year my aunt Kelly was in charge and we had a salad and pasta bar. Mmmm hmm. It was a great idea. I tried to get a picture of her but she was always hard at work in the kitchen and was avoiding my camera at all costs...

But, here are some other ones I got:
What's a Christmas party without chocolate and kids? And what's a great photo without chocolate on a kid?

This was one of the only clean spots on him after he got done attacking the chocolate.

Cute little Ya-ya

I am still practicing with my camera and I was trying out the whole focus/blur thing. I was having fun.

After we ate we plaid basketball and Brother was having a blast and even made a few shots!!  He LOVES basketball!

This is how the kids helped clean up... they stayed out of our why while we cleaned.

The were moving so fast his hair was blowing in the wind... OK, not really. He just has messy hair.

We went and played games and ate at Marc's parents house and of course we played Scrabble! Lynne is always the most competative... tee hee!
Gary had the best of both worlds while playing Scrabble with us and online. Sister thought it was all quite interesting.

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