Thursday, May 5, 2011


I lost my temper with Marc the other night and I let him go to bed without me.

I stayed up and stewed.

Then I realized that I was in the wrong and it was too late to wake him up to apologize so I wrote him an "I'm sorry" letter that he would see in the morning before he left to work.

When I awoke this is what I found in return:
So does he love U2?

Well, yes. Who doesn't?

But, this one's for me (smile).

I love a simple love letter, that gets straight to the point...

2 remarks:

Rochelle said...

I love U2 too! (both)

The Gerhardts said...

That is soo cute! I love love letters! Im one of your followers. Would love it if you followed me?
Thank you!!