Monday, May 23, 2011

He said, She said, She said

Brother brought home a report he had done on horses. I am so proud of how awesome it was I could burst at the seams! He even used the word, "nudge." I will make sure to get it all on here really soon.

Sister still says words for other words.

I give her calcium and a multi-vitamin everyday after her meds. One morning she was crying and kept saying, "I need my costume! I need my costume!!" I could NOT figure that out. Finally she started pointing to the medicine cabinet and I figured out that "costume" is "calcium."

She asked for a "tunnel" yesterday because her leg hurt... it took my a few minutes to realize she meant "tylenol."

Umbrella is "an bella," she says, "Mom, I need an bella!"

My computer is a pooter.

And Baby, she says, "Iss a twee."

Which can be interpreted as "It's a tree," if you are at a park or, "It's a treat," if we are eating, or "It's three," if we are reading a book of numbers.


2 remarks:

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

Baby is speaking in sentences?! That's amazing!! You always have the best titles for your posts...

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so super cute!