Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back Again

Don't you just hate it when you get your garden totally planted, all the weeds in the flower beds pulled, house vacuumed and cleaned and then your herniated disk flares up again?

Well, that's just how it goes isn't it?

No worries, I am doing better now. My mom, mother-in-law and my sister all came and helped with the kids and the house today so that I could heal up and get better.

I don't know, maybe my stress balls up and collects in that herniated disk because I did have a bit of a stressful day yesterday.

It was Sister's 3-year evaluation and IEP yesterday. IEP's are always a little tough, encouraging when you get to the goals, but tough when you have to talk about all their issues to get those goals set for their betterment. I laugh. I get through it. But it is always hard to hear that your 5 year old has the mentality of a 3 year old in most areas.

But, I survived.

Also, yesterday was Brother's program! Oh, it was wonderful. Not because he hid from me and wouldn't sing any of the songs because I was there and was so scared to perform in front of me and all the other parents, but because I am just so proud of his accomplishments and to see all his friends in class. He has done so much, I just love it!

And to top it all off, his teacher had him and his classmates sing the songs today that they sang in the program so that she could record him. Aww! I loved it!

I will post the songs on his blog this weekend.

Oh, and when I get time, I want to scan in the graph that Sister's teacher made to show her progress while working on new sensory techniques and meds.

I just wanted to post all this before I forgot... even though I actually forgot all the funny things that Sister said to me today... hopefully they will come to me later. (smile)

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Umma said...

I'm sure stress does play a roll...if your muscles are tense the pain will be worse...we learned unfortunately with my husband. It's why they gave him muscle relaxers on top of the pain medications :-)

It sounds like you need regularly scheduled breaks (or massages) to manage your back pain ;-)