Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Father and Son

I have been told that it is quite common for Fragile X boys to cling more to their mother than their father. For one reason or another FXS boys tend to do better with females than males... that's what I was told when we went to do research study at the MIND Institute in Sacramento, and that was an observation, not a documentation...

We have always tried very hard but, this time it is really working and I have been using picture schedules lately to do that. The one we used for his camping trip last weekend was this one:
I didn't have a car picture yet so I improvised and cut one from a magazine and the home, I just quickly drew up...

I finally got some binders together. I stuck some sticky velcro strips on the front of the binders (one for each Brother and Sister) and then I have plastic sleeves inside that I put the velcro back images in to help organize. Yay!

I LOVE to see the friendship that has been blossoming between Marc and his son. It is so wonderful. I don't quiet know how to explain how happy this makes me, or Marc, for that matter. There has been a whole new feeling here in the home because of their developing relationship.

Here are some GREAT pictures Marc took with his iPod at the scout campout this past weekend.

beautiful desert scenery

see the blossoming friendship?

love this one!

this one is getting framed and hung on my wall... I just love this!

this scout camp theme was about leaving no trace when you are camping, Brother had fun cleaning up the trash

a little 'Pod time

5 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so awesome that he got to go on the camp out. I wish Daniel liked Tom more. I didn't know that fact.
I remember those picture schedules. Daniel used those before.

Umma said...

Ah! I love this...the pictures are wonderful. You can absolutely see the love :-)

Also, I was happy to see I could pick more than one "reaction" because it is "sweet," "amazing," and "inspiring!"

Anonymous said...

its beautiful.. nice camera position.. :)

optimalis said...

its beautiful.. nice camera position.. :) sorry to re-comment.

Anonymous said...

Love all the beautiful pictures! Great thoughts and lessons too :)