Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blue Cupboard

Sister woke up early this morning, quite happy, but that changed within about 5 minutes. She started crying and stomping.

She kept saying, "My blue cupboard! I can't find it. I want the blue one! Where's my blue cupboard? Mommy, we have to find my blue cupboard!"

Now, she has  collection of "bracelets" that she carries with her every where in a basket (an Easter basket to be exact) and one of her favorite "bracelets" (bracelets are usually the plastic baby links in 'o' shape or those rubbery flexy bracelets a lot of the youth wear now-a-days) is a blue one. So, when I hear blue I automatically start looking for the blue "bracelet."

After much distraught, I finally figured out that the blue cupboard was her blue "cover."

Her blue iPod cover.... tee hee... silly mommy not knowing what a cupboard was. (smile)

Here is the graph that I talked about in the last post. This graph shows the progress of implementing her behavior plan after one month... amazing results. Yay!

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