Saturday, December 19, 2015

"You just kissed my mother!!"

I am sad that I have not stayed on top of posting about my experiences in the recent play I am in, "It's a Wonderful Life."

I have to admit when I went to our first rehearsal I was a bit hesitant about whether or not I would have as much fun with this cast as I have in the past 3 casts. I just felt like we were all a bit quiet and reserved.

Then we started into the meat of our rehearsals and I soon realized the friends that I was making and that I want to keep them forever!

Director Michael Carrasco (His mom was my drama teacher in Junior High and he would substitute!)

rehearsing one of my favorite scenes between Potter and George
The first day we saw our stage set!

This is the display just before you enter the theater for our show
Here's my fake husband, Carson. We're Mr. and Mrs. Martini. He is 18 years younger than I am... tee hee!

During the rehearsals of my play a friend of mine, Mike, was also in a play that happened to run during the day, "The Nutcracker." I've never seen the live show and it was a dance company that put it on. I was thankful to my friend, Amanda, for getting Baby on the bus that day so I could support Mike in his play!

It was so much fun and he did so well. It made me even more excited for the performance of "It's A Wonderful Life!"

I of course had to get pictures with Mike afterwards with his rat king costume on!

That same night was my full dress rehearsal and I had to do my hair 1930's style.

I had fun changing it up here and there...

Every one would laugh that after I was in costume I looked like Mary Poppins!

I also enjoyed doing some of the other girls hair each night.

This was my favorite! (I love the photo bomber!) I think some day I would really love to do hair and make-up for a play. 

We've hung out a lot as a cast, going to dinner or just talking after shows. They are such wonderful people and, of course, I will miss them all when we do our last show tonight!

That's right, people! Tonight is closing night! I know it doesn't seem like very long to you because I didn't write about it everyday for the last 3 months, but it is always a commitment of time and talent!

I love it!

I am also happy to have my time back (wink).

The best night for me, and for many of the cast was the night that Brother came with Marc to see the play.

Marc and I even got him to wear his jacket so that he was all dressed up for a night at the theater!

But the best part though was actually during one of my main scenes when I ask George for  "twelve-fifty." George is so excited that he kisses me on the forehead. I was expecting that, but I didn't expect Brother to yell at the top of his lungs, "You just kissed my mother!!!"

It was hard not to break at that moment, especially as I kept hearing him yell things I couldn't understand.

When I went backstage after the scene we all had a great laugh about the heckler in the audience!

Note to self: If I am ever in a play again where I have a pretend husband or something, don't bring Brother... it will be a bit tough for him to process and he will yell at you... during and after the play...

Day ? of 365 Days of Up (I can't recall what days these were anymore...)

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