Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Was it supposed to be Baby instead of Abby?

The week before Christmas Eve was Brother's big Christmas concert at the High School.

Do you remember?


Ya, that was the day I ranted.

I never got back to posting the pictures of what the hard work brought that day.

I could almost cry posting these pictures... for many reasons really, but I'll stick to the subject at hand...

So with me being at my play, that left Marc with the daunting task of getting Brother to his performance.

Brother didn't make it easy on him by any means.

He was upset about having to wear his white, long-sleeved shirt and was scared for a new experience of singing with the the high school choir, but they made it. They were about 20 minutes late, but the made it.

His teacher took these pictures and sent them to me and my heart made a little leap. I think it was about intermission when I got these pictures and the stress that had been sitting with me all evening had subsided and I was happier for the duration of the play.

I may have teared up a little when I got these pictures of him with his friends.

I love this kid! He's harder than I could ever dream, but also makes me happier than I could have imagined.

The night was enhanced too because my friends came to see me in the play! I was so happy to see them, maybe even more happy than they were prepared for. When you've had some of your lowest lows, your mid-way UPs can seem like the highest of highs! Thanks friends for coming!

Mike, me, Maria, and Dan... a little out of focus

So, I just had to tell you that and I was already a little bit on high emotions because Christmas has been wonderful, my brother is here from Illinois and I just got done watching Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" on HULU.

I have to say that it was such a breath of fresh air to watch a show that was so uplifting, so family oriented and talked of God and heaven. It was beautiful! Now having said that, you really need to watch it. (Sheesh, I really wish I got paid for promoting the things that I love... if I had a dollar for every time...)

I also can't end this post without showing you what I did for the kids' teachers, aides and bus drivers. You'd think I had 10 kids with all the gifts I get ready to send out for their educators... I just wish I could afford to give more. Hopefully, even a small token lets them know how much they mean to us.

Something else I want to make sure I document is that we had a secret Santa who brought gifts for each of us... well, at least I hope they were for us. We had one with Brother's name, Sister's name and mine and Marc's name on them and one with "Abby." I'm sorry to whomever Abby is, whether it was for Baby or not, but I must say it came to the right house. The gifts that were given were absolutely perfect—Mine Craft figure for Sister, coloring books for Brother, a gift card for Marc and I to go on a date and for Baby... or Abby a Scooby Doo Lego set! Seriously were the most treasured gifts that were given. I really do wish I was able to personally thank those who make our Christmas's so special each year, but I hope that some day I can return the favor.

I'll just keeping giving what I can afford to give for now and that will be my love, my talent and my time.

My heart is so full this Christmas season and I am excited to make the time to write more about it.

Until then...

here's a teaser:

photo credit for this sweet pic of Baby goes to my nephew, J-man

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2 remarks:

Craig Evans said...

You are the best parents these children could possibly have. There isn't anyone throughout eternity and through all the universes who was better suited to nurturing and loving your children. They have blessed the lives of you as parents and have given hope and strength to those of us who witness true Christlike love than you and Mark. We miss seeing you, but know that the move was in the best interest of your children. The move was worth it!!!! Keep making us proud to have known you and your family.

Marc and Rachael said...

Wow! Thank you, Craig. You are too sweet. I'm not sure that we deserve as high of praise as you give, but I do hope we shine a light for those who face tough things. We miss you and all your family too!