Thursday, December 31, 2015

My last post ever!

For this year!

So crazy!!! I am amazed at how quickly 365 days can pass by. I'm excited for the next Leap Year when I feel like I'll have extra time... ha... ha...

Anyway, so let me tell you about one of the funnest things we did as a family this holiday season other than games, puzzles, eating, laughing and chatting.

First of all we had a family reunion/Christmas party in Benjamin and it was so good to talk to a few of my cousins, eat, play games and put puzzles together. I feel bad I have no pictures of that though, except for a couple of LittleMr playing the bean game all by himself... it was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

After the party we had a little sledding party.

We have loved having the tradition of sledding on Christmas Eve for the past several years, but this Christmas Eve day didn't have much snow for sledding. It wasn't until the day after Christmas that we had plenty of snow to sled on, and boy did we ever!

We had a fire going and several sleds to choose from, and Marc even gave rides himself ... seriously, it was so cool. He's kind of in good shape and stuff.

Here, I'll show you the pictures:

Marc and my uncle, Jeff

Tynelle and TwinGee

My dad making sure the fire is stoked and the sleds are in order

My mom loves this stuff!

Since my uncle, Kelly was at the reunion he came to sled and play in the snow for a little bit

Baby didn't want to go for the big ride so Marc took her on a little one...

TwinGee, TwinBee and Tynelle going out for a ride

Aaron taking Yaya for her own personal sleigh ride

I told Daniel to throw a snowball at my camera...

Brother was having fun in the snow too

Oh look! Tynelle and the twins are back...

I guess Yaya wanted to go longer so Marc stepped in and took her for a while

TwinBee wearing the snow suit that Brother wore when he was little and has been passed down through the family of boys to him... so cute!

Yaya's pretty happy about her sled ride with her Uncle Marc

Daniel looking back to make sure he hasn't lost anyone

Brother sledding with Aunt Tynelle

Yaya took her daddy for a ride

Leelee's first outing in the snow,  you can't see her, that's a good thing, it was cold

Brother, TwinGee and Tynelle are back!

I just love this picture!

We finally got Jessie on!

Marc's still pulling Yaya

Baby's new coat... ya, I know, it's a blanket...
here's the deal, she won't wear long sleeves, therefore coats are out of the question
and zippers and buttons down the front are a no-go... so we get a blanket, cut a hole in the middle and voila... a poncho!

Aaron was pretty excited to take Chelsea and a wild sled ride!

She ate a lot of snow!

Then the neighbor brought over a tube! Woot! That was fun!!

Uncle Jeff

and his dog, Hershey

I'd been asking Marc to come out on the sled with me and when the tube finally came over he was ready to join me! It was serious business getting suited up for the ride...

It was so much fun and I giggled the whole time. Oh, and I had a couple plastic bags tied around my boot/cast so all was well (wink)

Marc captured this great shot in front of my parents house

Marc had been carting Yaya and Baby around so much that I teased him that he needed some real exercise and to take me!

I was joking.

He took on the challenge.

He's pretty much cooler than your husband... just sayin'... I mean, I ain't no light-weight people...

Me and Jessie rockin' our hats!

Sister even got on the sled a few times and had so much fun!

Since then it's just been about spending time with Daniel and his family as much as possible.

I even got to see Star Wars for the second time with them on Tuesday. I love that movie, in case you wanted to know what I thought.

Oh!! And I finally got my ring fixed! My wedding ring. This is such a cute story... not why I needed to have it fixed, but by the way it was fixed. I had to get it fixed because my ring finger got too fat and we had to cut the ring off... yep, I just admitted that publicly... anyway, it's been about 4 years since I have actually worn it. 

OK, so I went to Sierra West where we originally bought our rings and I asked for them to resize it and fix the prongs holding the main diamond. I made sure to tell them that there was one small diamond missing so there was 5 on one side and 6 on the other. I told them that so they wouldn't think they had lost the diamond themselves and I opted not to have it replaced because of cost... so anyway, all that was specified on the order and that was that.

I picked it up a week later and it looked so beautiful. I couldn't stop looking at it and admiring it all over again. Then I noticed that it had 6 diamonds on each side... they replaced my missing diamond... just because! I need to write them a little note. I can't even imagine that they would know how much that meant to me! I'm telling you, if you find joy in the little things there will be more and more miracles everyday!

Happy New Year everyone!

Make it the best one you've ever had!

And remember, that is up to you!

Last Day of Up for 2015

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