Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ketchup and Relish...

So, I have all these pictures I haven't shared yet, but they are how I've been journaling the last month or so.

So guess what!

I am going to Catch-up (Ketchup) and relish in my memories!

Ha! Get it!

Enjoy the view!

I was so proud of how my mohawk braid turned out that I just had to take a picture...
I know, silly, but it was one of those proud moments...

After a horrible time of taking Sister to the doctor I stopped by the side of the road to take a picture of the Provo LDS Temple because the snowy mountains were such a beautiful backdrop.

We were invited to a beautifully cold winter wedding that took place in the woods and it was so fabulous. This is one wedding I would have loved to have been the photographer of...

Marc took a couple pictures of me because he liked how I looked that day... what a sweetie.

Some of our friends that were also at the wedding (left to right)
Mike, Pam, Dan, Marc, Me and Jared (all adventure buddies)

On that same night of the wedding we went on a double date with some friends to a new Arabic restaurant and it was so much fun. I even got excited to see some of the foods we had had in Europe when we were there like this Shwarma that is roasting behind me... it's meat that cooks and glazes on this spigot/rotisserie thing.

We got a kick out of the camels that marked our customer numbers! So our friend, Jim, had to get in for a shot!

Then we went to a crepe restaurant for dessert. It was a cultural date night.

After our friends had to get home Marc and decided to run a little errand and pick up an ironing board that we were in need of.

Marc looked so debonaire and it made me laugh to watch him carry out an ironing board like it was  surf board... so I made him pose:

Before I knew my foot was broken I was going on a hike as often as I had time and I love to take shots of the valley when I get up high enough for a good one:

Ranger, our dog makes me laugh quite frequently. He is such a social dog and always has to be near me if at all possible. I was saying my prayers one morning and he decided to keep me company so I had to pause to take a shot:

I mean how do you tell these puppy dog eyes, "no" anyway?

This past Monday (3 days ago) my brother, Aaron, had what he called a "Sip-n-Sing" where we all got together at his house and had hot chocolate and wassail and sang Christmas Carols together and were treated with some performances by Aaron. It was so much fun and was a great way to bring Marc and I up from what had started off as a rough day.

Marc and my Uncle Jeff were sitting together sharing music to sing along, but Marc caught on to me trying to sneak a shot of them singing...

He even went to far as to act like he was just sipping his cider through a straw...

It was OK, though, it still melted my heart to see them both 
enjoying carols together with the rest of us.

I know this picture is sideways, but it was so precious to watch Marc teaching Sister how to play checkers with chess pieces. It was so wonderful to see.

I've been trying to notice the natural beauty all around me more often and taking pictures is a good way to remind me.

I can never do sunsets justice on my phone, but I still try:

Today my UP was having my brother and his family here today from Illinois and seeing our kids so incredible happy to be playing with them and watching Sister give Berry hugs so tight they both went pink! So cute! The only picture I have is at the end of the day when my dad and Daniel had finished a puzzle we had been working on that day:

Day 357 (and a few other days) of 365 Days of Up

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