Monday, December 21, 2015

A Bad School Picture

With me having been in a play during the month of December our Christmas decorations weren't as quick to come out as I would have liked, but we finally got them up with the help of the kids.

We try to decorate the tree together every year. This year, though, it ended up being in shifts—one with Dad and one with Mom. Marc took pictures after I had the tree set up for them to start decorating.

He said Baby was having a great time and was even singing as she hung the ornaments.

She's changed so much since she started Kindergarten and it is so fun to see her personality coming out into the open more and more.

She sings songs for almost everything now and she loves the songs she learns at school.

She's even been having fun putting on our token reindeer antlers so she can sing "Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer" complete with actions! Cutest thing I've ever seen!

I've also been impressed to see her write her name a handful of times, but my heart melts when I see some of the pictures she draws.

Like this one:

She told me that's a princess and I'm guessing that might be her dog to the right...

Look at those eyelashes... you know in our house our kids always say that's how you know it's a girl is if it has eyelashes... yes, people, we've explained, but thank goodness it's just eyelashes they need to draw to be able to distinguish...

Baby also has such a great imagination and she definitely shows it off when she is able to entertain herself looking at her reflection in Grandma Lynne's lamp.

This entertained her for at least 20 minutes... Oh how I love that girl!

Along with her singing she has gained an interest in "reading." I love to see her pretend to read and she finds such interest in. I hope this means that she'll start reading —at least I hopes learns something if she isn't going to get potty trained

Then there's Sister...


She's a creative mind who always has to be busy and make messes while she's at it...

Her latest thing is cutting paper, collecting paper and yelling at us all not to touch it... Tee hee!

We have piles and piles of papers of all kinds creeping out of the nooks and crannies in her room and they're migrating to the living room often.

You can see that Brother is slightly annoyed with this obsessive activity she does all the time... I can't blame him, but I just have to keep reminding myself that she'll change hobbies in a little while and then she'll have something else to be obsessed with for a while... ah, yes, special needs problems.

My dad has saved a LOT of things from when we were little... old papers from school, drawings, toys and, oh, my glasses...

I wore glasses when I was in, I think, it was 6th grade. I didn't wear them anymore after that because I didn't seem to need them. I guess my dad held onto them for 25 years just in case I ever needed them again.

I have bad memories of these glasses, not because anyone made fun of me, they may, I just don't remember, I just remember me making fun of me after I got my school pictures back...

Oh my word! For reals people! My mom let me out of the door like this?! I don't know if it's really the glasses as much as it is the pioneer dress, bad perm and foofy bangs... good grief! I remember when I showed this picture to my dad when I got it years ago and he said something to the effect, "Well, that's not a very good picture of you is it?" Tee hee! I even remember picking out these glasses and how excited I was that they were pink AND blue! A match made in heaven...

Anyway, my dad brought these glasses up from the archives and we all had a good laugh when I tried them on again:

Brother and Baby wanted some good laughs too:

We all laughed really hard and it was great. 

Growing up, I was really close to my sisters and it has been fun watching Baby and Sister's relationship grow. I have to say that Baby seems to be with Sister more than Sister would like, but, if I remember right, that's just how little sisters are.

Marc caught Baby one night trying to sneak into Sister's room to sleep by her at bedtime.

These pictures though, are my favorite... sharing an iPod, a blanket, a couch and a dog.

My heart is a little heavy today as I witnessed a side to life that isn't fair or maybe is just hard to take.

I worry for my children often, especially because of their special needs.

That's one of the reasons I try to, at least, protect their names on the blog.

But, when a mother has the courage to stand up (literally) for her children and she is brushed aside with little regard by someone who is supposed to be there for everyone it is very disheartening, degrading, and disturbing.

I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who would never disregard my feelings for my children and that he, ultimately, will give me the peace we need to move forward in life the best way we can.

It's times like this that I am so grateful the power of The Atonement and how Christ not only took upon himself my pains and sorrows, but the sins of others and the pains and sorrows they feel because of those sins. I just hope that on my roughest of days I remember to let Him take my pain and give me the strength to do what needs to be done.

Life is tough.

It's full of twists, turns, downfalls and sometimes, heaven forbid, even bad school pictures.

The point is to learn from it all and keep a positive attitude and a humble heart.

... and don't ever wear a large, white collared dress with a big gray bow with your new glasses and perm... again...

unless you need a good laugh...

Day 355 of 365 Days of Up

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Paola said...

You have no idea how much I admire you, you are an amazing mother. Don't let anyone or anything stop you from being your children's best advocate. Keep standing up for them, our Savior is with you , always!