Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Sunset

After coming off the mountain we hopped onto a boat and took a tour of the small village on the Königsee (King's Lake) where there are no cars allowed. You can only get there by boat. It was beautiful to see the reflections of the mountains we had just been on top of mirrored into the tranquil waters of the lake. I think my mind and heart at this point can hardly soak in all the amazing beauty at this point! I can definitely understand why this is a National Park.


This is one of the many boats going in and out of port.

sheer mountain views

A split view from my window showing the behind and in front of us

There was a tour guide on the boat and I had no idea what he was saying, but he must have been funny because everyone was laughing. Thomas would laugh and shake his head. You can see the guy in the picture above. He's the one standing up, has white hair and is holding a microphone.

There was one spot that he was especially excited about and it was at the wall of echoes where sound resonates throughout the entire valley it seemed. The tour guide brought out his trumpet and began to play. There was really nothing funny about that at all, it was actually pretty cool, but we all started to laugh when he started asking for handouts for listening to his trumpet playing... interesting...

Marc gets the pic "almost there"

I had to take a picture of the ducks... I don't know why, I just had to. I just was having fun taking pictures!

Marc and Thomas ahoy!

This was one of the first views one we got off the boat. It is breath taking. If we had had some time, we would have gone on the walk/hike that leads behind those trees into the mountains.

This was the next thing I noticed. Such a beautiful outdoor restaurant with trees growing right in the middle... the mountain behind isn't too bad either.

This church was definitely another cool thing. This church is what mainly gets photographed to identify this area. I was hoping to get a little different take on it... I liked it.

Thomas took a pic of us in this beautiful spot by the lake just on the other side of the church building.

This is how it usually worked when I tried to get photos of Thomas... he's worse than my kids...

I hope these pictures describe to you the beauty that surrounded us.

 Marc and Thomas just being funny... Thomas was so upset that Marc didn't realize he was supposed to be in the MIDDLE of the bench... it just throws off the balance of the whole picture... Ha!

 It is amazing how the same photo can look so different when it is changed to B&W

See what I mean?

I had had enough of taking pictures of scenery and really wanted to get some people shots, head shots... just faces...

I figured I had bothered Marc and Thomas enough so I went back to scenery and sneaking them in from behind.

I followed far behind as I was taking pictures and they had decided it was time to eat. So we got to go to that cool restaurant with the trees all throughout the eating area.

I had to get a shot of how beautiful it was to be surrounded by the mountainous beauty amongst the trees.

My hubby looks like a movie star! Love this photo of him!

Thomas has the menu in hand and is ready to help us order... it was all in German, so we didn't have a clue what we were going to be eating...

We got 3 different plates of food so we could all sample each one and have a taste of the different things. This seemed, to me, to be very authentic food and some of it was a little too interesting for my taste buds.

Like the picked and turkey with onions was interesting... but, it certainly added to our whole experience!
After we conquered dinner, Thomas treated us to a Bavarian cheesecake. It was different from what I've ever had. It wasn't as sweet as what you find here in the U.S., but it was a really goody cheesecake. I just can't quite describe the cakes and pastries there, other than they just aren't as rich with sugar as they are with flavor. It gives you a chance to taste what you're eating.

Before dessert we were having a little bit of fun talking about Tom Cruise in a movie Marc had recommended, "Jack Reacher." It's a bit of a dark movie but I think I will always remember it as a comedy now. Jack Reacher kind of became the go-to joke starter. We got a good laugh out of it and I hope you will too:

It may just have to be funny if you were there...

This is us when we got of the boat and decided to end our little boat trip with some local ice cream!

 I wish I had a picture of my ice cream cone. I couldn't quite decide what I wanted because it all looked so good. I finally decided on raspberry and the server got such a kick out of my awkward excitedness over ice cream and gave me and extra scoop of strawberry on top! It was so yummy! And it was only 1 Euro!

After enjoying the ice-cream we were on our way home to the Möhrenwurt Hotel. We had great conversation about life, religion, choices and travel. It was nice to just relax and talk.

We ate dinner when we got there and then Marc and I walked out to the Füshlsee to get some sunset pics for Thomas and us to hang on our walls. I was seeing how great they turned out. 

Then we walked back to the hotel and watched the end of the Munich vs. Madrid soccer game on TV while we reviewed our photos of the day. It was a crazy game because Madrid was ahead by 2 points but we were still holding out hope for Germany because it was the first of two games to qualify them for the World Cup. I didn't know I could get into soccer so much! It was pretty intense!

Shortly after Marc and I had retired to bed I received some sad news. I'm not going to talk about it on the blog, but just want to mention it so I remember the day I found out about a sweet angel loss in our family.

It was strange to not be close to home to comfort and support. I felt helpless and knew that phone calls and letters just weren't what was needed right then. So I just prayed a lot.

Sometimes that's all you can do...

So this sunset will always have a bit of a place in my heart reminding me of another life that had reached it's final hours.

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