Tuesday, June 3, 2014

German Mountain and Utah Opera

 In my journal I wrote, "Today was EPIC!"

And it was.

This was another one of my favorite days.

We drove an hour to Berchtesgaden Alps National Park at the Königsee, of course, along a beautiful highway. Once we got there we took a tram ride up the mountain... really high up the mountain. It was AMAZING! It was so crazy to see how high up we were going on this tram. It's really interesting too, because the mountain we were headed to wasn't even as high as Mt. Timpanogos that is in our front yard, but it looked twice as high because your starting at a lower valley level! It's pretty amazing!

If you want to see our ride up in motion you can watch it here.

Once we got to the top of the tram ride and there was a restaurant there. It's pretty cool to get into the tops of these mountains there in Austria and Germany and have a quaint little restaurant waiting there for you.

OK, so it wasn't really quaint but it was really cool.

We wanted to hike to the peak so we took a short trail to the peak's cross. In Europe there is usually a cross at the top of each peak. I've never seen this in person before so I was pretty excited to claim I had been to a peak in the Alps.

Just me, doing I what I was usually doing... but, happy to have pictures of my hobby in action

This is actually the photo I was taking when Marc snuck this shot:

It wasn't far to the top. Just a jaunt really.

Marc got some great shots from his phone:

I tried to give up my camera once in a while so Marc could have fun too...

This is the photo Marc was taking when I snuck this shot of him with my phone.:

Then I got selfish and took over. It was breathtaking... literally. I didn't think I was afraid of heights until I got to some places on our vacation and this was incredible.

And here's Thomas standing at the edge!

And here's Thomas acting like he's going to push my sweetheart over the edge... made my heart drop into my toenails! Sheesh!

After I convinced Thomas that Marc was worth saving we got a buddy picture of the two of them at the edge. I was keeping my distance with my 200m lens.

Taking selfies with a DSLR camera is a pretty interesting task.

Marc and Thomas finally convinced me to come out to the edge for a groupie shot and I think you can read the fear in my eyes...

No, really, look closer and you'll see the fear...

Just off to our left as we looked out over the edge we were able to see the Berghof that was once occupied by Adolf Hitler. Thomas pointed that out to us and it just gave me an eerie feeling to think that that monster had such a magnificent summer home. Marc asked me to take a picture for history's sake.

Thomas took photos of us at the tip top!

 And of us coming down

Getting ready to head back down to the restaurant.


I had been talking about one of the things I had been talking about the past few days was that I really wanted to try a large pretzel, warm and salty while in Austria and Germany.

Marc and I were resting at the picnic tables while Thomas went in and got a little something to eat. He surprised me by bringing me out a large, salty, warm pretzel! It just added to the awesomeness of the day!

After a great snack I wanted to just take pictures, just to take pictures.

I even got a photo of Marc taking a photo of another couple that had asked him to.
 Although this next series of pictures may seem like an advertisement for a certain sunglasses brand, I promise it isn't... but maybe I should see if they wanna by my original shots, especially the one with the Alec Baldwin look-a-like wearing their product.

There were a lot of crows up there by the tables. Smart birds. Food and tourists. A great place to be fed. I saw this line-up of apple chunks on the fence line, so I waited patiently for a crow to come along for a snack.

Mmmm. All done. (tummy rub)

Meanwhile back here in Utah we were really missing the Europe feel and decided that an Opera would be a great way to feel like we were there again. And what better than Mozart's "The Abduction from the Seraglio."

I was so excited to attend an opera. I've never been and was really excited to hear there were cheap seats available for a local one.

It didn't start off quite as romantic as I had hoped... you see I thought it was in another building... that was quite a way from the right building. We figured with parking issues and all we should just walk from the wrong place to the right place, but at the right place there was all kinds of construction and it was quite an adventure just trying to get into the door of the Capitol Theater.

But, we finally got there!

Being out in the lobby during intermissions was pretty fun just people watching and feeling part of the "opera crowd."

The opera was great too. It was so much fun and listening to the singers was amazing. I never really liked opera singing much until I actually saw it in action. It gives a whole new feel to the music.

When it was over and were walking back to our car I was so wishing that I had my camera because I was seeing Salt Lake City in a whole new light! I feel like going to Europe broadened my outlook on beauty and experiences!

This crosswalk reminder was a great note to me to always look where you are going but to enjoy the view along the way... no matter where you are.

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