Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Baby Moments

That's Baby's latest thing... she started it just before our Europe trip.


Not sleeping.


Sleeping with a travel pack of Kleenex tissues in her hand.


She even makes sure I put them away in the top of the closet when she is done.

Even with comforts such as tissue travel packets she still has a melt down every so often.

All that can be done for her meltdowns sometimes is for me to just hold her.

When I was holding her this time I just had to sneak a picture because of her crocodile tear on the side of her cheek.

And then there are Baby moments like these where she wants to see Uncle Jeff's animals on the farm and she goes walking hand in hand with her grandpa.

Looking at these images reminds me of the many times that I walked hand-in-hand along this same farm path as a kid with my dad.

It touched my heart to see it happening all over again 33 years later.

The long shadows of the late part of the day just add to the memories of the those moments.

Then, after a touching moment like this I get brought back to my hilarious present when I get to take a picture of the marshmallow hanging from Marc's face. (We were at my parents for a hotdog roast and S'mores.)

Uh... you got a little shmootz right there... no... right there...

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