Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sprinting Sister

During the last week of school for Sister she was able to participate in the school's PTA 3K.

Last year I failed in getting her a t-shirt because I just didn't think that she would want to run that far.

I was wrong.

Here teacher told me she ran the whole thing.

So when Lindsey contacted me while in Europe to ask if I wanted Sister to have a 3K t-shirt, I thought I would redeem myself and say, "yes."

I went that day to also make up for the last time I wasn't there.

I am so happy I did.

I do wish that I was better at realizing what I am recording with my phone, though.

Note to self: Push record to start recording, and make sure it has started... don't push record after you think you have recorded and then start recording everything else but what you thought you did.


I'm that mom.


I was able to clip some shots from when I was running alongside Sister to finish out the race.

Did you catch that?

She finished out the race.

She ran the entire 3K.

She was in the first small group of finishers!

I ran with her to the end for the last half a block.

Yes, my back was killing me, but it was worth every jog.

She's a runner!

She did so well!

I'm so proud!

Can you tell?

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