Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Checking In on Checking Out

So I've tried for the last 2 days now to sit down and write about my experience in DC advocating for Fragile X Syndrome and briefly about my experience just before that at my uncle's funeral.

I feel bad I checked out for a whole week.

So I wanted to catch up on the blog.

But, I'm just not quite back to my "normal" self yet...

It's not just my kids that have a rough time with routine being turned upside down, it affects me too, I guess.

Or maybe it is because for a straight week I was on an emotional roller coaster:

Dealing with my uncle's death and it's affect on my dad and the rest of the family and taking photos during the entire event didn't really allow me the time to let it settle in. I can't be too emotionally driven when taking photos at a funeral or my camera would be ruined from "water" damage.

Then 2 days later I was off on a flight to do something that, honestly, I didn't want to take the time away from my family to do and to top it off our flight was delayed 6 hours... that didn't help much.

Then I have to learn a bunch of political jargon and then I get up really early the next day to educate politicians on what Fragile X Syndrome is and it's close relationship to Autism and how it has become like and epidemic... ya... it's that dramatic... Quick fact: 1 on 151 women are carriers! What!??!

Anyway, I've had some awesome and wonderful experiences in both instances but I think my emotions are still too raw and overwhelmed to write my feelings down adequately.

So this is all you get.  A little poof of what I will write about eventually

I want to.

I don't want to forget any of it.

It was all so great and so traumatizing in an emotional way... is that possible?

Anyway, enjoy these silly pictures I snapped of me tonight so you would have something to giggle at.

Oh, and side note: I am wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday and to sleep in last night, and I still have on the left over make up, no shower for 2 days and I think my hair is perm-slicked under my Washington DC cap.

Yep, I'm that attractive right now...

It's what's in my heart not how I smell that matters (wink).

That's for Fragile X Awareness in DC, yo! 

P.S. #nofilter #noshowerfor2days #atleastichangedmyjacket

Ha! I love hashtags! Love them. They make me laugh, Hee hee!

Anyway, I need to go to bed now...

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