Thursday, February 27, 2014

I need some gasoline on my lips...

and other funny quotes from Our Life.

Sister get's really chappy lips so I am often applying chapstick or vaseline to her lips. Vaseline has become easier because she keeps hiding her chapsticks and the vat of vaseline is too big for her to bother with.

Pretty much every morning she says, "I need gasoline on my lips!"

"You mean vaseline, sweetheart," I reply with a little laugh.

"Ya, gasoline mom."

Brother is always watching documentaries, teen-based TV shows and listens closely to his peers, so sometime he'll say things that surprise me. Things that any other teenager would say and I wouldn't bat an eye but when he says it it makes me laugh and feel proud all at the same time.

Like when some one in the house does something a little "off" or out of the ordinary, he'll get this sly look on his face and smirk and say, "Well, that was interesting..." I need to record him saying it because it's as if it has a slight British accent with it... come to think of it, most the "smarty" things he says have a British tone. Hmmm. I guess he thinks the British are smart...

And if anyone just happens to be talking about Egyptians and say Tutankamun's name wrong he is right there to correct you on the correct pronunciation and proceed to tell you how he was tied to Queen Neffertiti or some other Egyptian queen. (I'm just hoping he doesn't come check my spelling...)

Baby, as I have mentioned before, is VERY sensory needy. You just can't hug, swing, roll or "squish" her enough. Yup, that's right. Squish. I can't call it hugging because a hug implies that it is sweet and cute and makes you feel loved and cared for.

"Squishing" as I have termed it is the forceful arms wrapped around her entire body with my face pressed into the side of her head and her legs tucked underneath while she wrenches my neck and face to a contortionist position and then she giggles and squeals with excitement while applying a constant and steady pressure. She has learned now, when she needs that, she comes to me and says "Squishies" with her eyes squinted and her face crinkled to symbolize how she wants me to make her feel... squished.

Marc and I have learned the little nuances of the our children's communication and have realized that, although, we totally understand our children, sometimes, outsiders don't.

I think Marc and I have had to come up with some of our own terminologies that, most likely, resemble the saying in other homes of children with Fragile X or Autism or the like.

In our house you'll hear things like:

"Marc, can you go roll Sister?"

"Honey, can you pry Baby from Sister's neck so that I can squish her?"

"Hey, can you clean the clay, coloring books, crayons, markers, colored pencils, paper, Pokemon cards, receipts, bills, laptop and anything else that Sister has hoarded and packed onto the table so that we can eat dinner?"

When a child is out of control hyper or out of control upset we look at each other and one of us, without fail, will ask, "Did she/he get her/his meds?"

"Marc, can you pry Baby off of Brother and squish her?"

"Did you wash your hands? Really? Let me smell them?"

"Sister! You don't say stuff like that to people!"

"Brother! Don't put your hood over your face when your friends sit by you."

"Marc, can you come pry Baby off my neck so I can squish her?"

"I can't right now, Rachael, I'm trying to get Sister to tell me where she put my wallet!"

Oh, yes, it's fun.

Photo by Pointe Digital Photography back in 2011

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Unknown said...

The funniest thing I heard brother say is when I asked him what he thought of his Dad's mustache that Marc wore when I first met Marc. I said to brother,"what did you think of your Dad's mustache?" Brother said,"pathetic!" It was so genuine and so funny!

tiffany said...

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