Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mini Me...

The Brother version!

We love Zac! I think we'd love him no matter what but I sometimes feel a bit of a special attachment to him because he does remind me of how sweet Brother was when he was little.

I miss having people stop me in the super market or at church just to smile back at Brother, comment on what a delight he is or to say that he "brightened" their day.

Now I get to hear my sister, Kirsten tell those stories.

Sometimes I'm jealous that she gets to experience this stage as I miss it so much with Brother, but there are times that I am so thankful I am far passed it... far, far passed.

Why are Zac and Brother so much alike?

They're cousins.

They also both have Fragile X Syndrome, the world's leading cause of inherited mental impairment, the leading known single gene cause of inherited autism and can cause ADHD, loose connective tissue, hyper flexible joints and a few other things... (click here to learn more if you want)

It is truly amazing how two boys can be so different, but because of the nature of their chromosomes they have so many nuances that it is almost like watching Brother grow up all over again.

Granted, Zac is doing more that Brother did at this stage, but it really is interesting to witness the similarities.

This is the rocking horse that Brother had as a baby and used it till he was 5 or 6,
then Sister used it till she was 5 or 6 and now Baby is running it daily!
This horsey is well loved and Zac knows it and loves it too...
let me just think it is all nostalgia and not just the fact that all four of the
aforementioned children have sensory needs that could overwhelm a woodpecker.

 The thing that I love the most is the connection that Brother feels with Zac and watching how he takes such good care of him. Watches over him and makes sure he feels loved. Brother takes every opportunity he has to be a "big brother" to him.

After all, Brother is a pro...

he's already helped raise two sisters with FXS, 
he's totally got this!

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