Monday, March 24, 2014

Brother in The Men's Choir

I know I've posted many times before how proud I am of Brother for being in the choir. He has been in the choir now since 7th grade. He has always loved it. He thrives at it.

Well, I told you after Brother's last concert that his teacher, Mrs. S, came up to me and said he should be in the Men's Choir. I was so excited but didn't really think that a mainstream teacher would be willing to have a special ed student in one of her more advanced choirs.

I have been so excited to his first performance with the men's choir! I feel so blessed that 2 amazing teachers gave him this awesome opportunity.

He, as usual, yelled and screamed at me when I invited Marc's parents, and again when I invited my parents, but it didn't stop when I was telling him that Dad and Mom were coming to watch him too. That's where he blew a gasket.

I couldn't get him to change into his choir clothes. He kept yelling at us in the car telling us not to come in and whining that he didn't want his grandmas and grandpas there either.

It's really hard to keep a positive attitude and push forward to be a part of his life that he thinks, in that hyper-sensitive moment will kill him.

We've learned to push the envelope and when not to.

As Marc and I found our seats and saved more for our parents I could see Brother anxiously looking to make sure "his" audience was there.

He LOVES having us there to see him succeed. It overwhelms him at the same time. During his second song he was signaling to Marc to put his camera down and stop taking pictures. We laughed and did as we were told... for a few minutes. Then we filmed and clicked away as we pleased.

I wish that I had my good camera instead of just my point and shoot because I can't really post the pictures I took because of all the other kids in the background. But, I really wanted you all to see how happy and cute and involved he was so I'm just going to blur the others out...

He sang all 4 of his group songs without a hitch and as soon as it was over he jumped through the crowd and ran over to the where he knew he would see of us and hear our praises. He had a perm-grin and nothing we could have sad would have given him and more confidence.

Brother is in 8th grade this year. One more school year past. He'll be in 9th grade this next year.

I so hope that he'll be able to do this something in Choir. He's just such a sweetie.

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vickit43 said...

Wow I am so happy for you and your family. I know that you are a very proud mom!

Marc and Rachael said...

Thank you vivkit43. I am proud :) it's too fun to see our kids with FX succeed.