Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dad's Perspective

 I recently downloaded the pictures from Marc's phone.

I love seeing the pictures he takes.

He usually has such a different perspective of the kids than I do.

While I was gone to Washington DC for 4 days I guess Sister had learned that if she wanted something to eat, she'd better get it herself.

I guess she wanted to be a a really good sister and help the little sister get some lunch too.

She was quite resourceful and very creative.

She pulled out the left over pizza and gave to two pieces to each herself and her sister.

She got the left over shredded cheese and lettuce from the taco the other night before that... and notice that, I guess, she didn't think Baby had enough cheese so she just gave her the whole block. Tee hee!
  I hope that Sister is always this thoughtful with her friends and family.

I don't think Baby was all that impressed by the food selection, but I'm sure she was thrilled with the company.

Marc also gets pictures of the kids when they are just being silly goofballs... they love it, and so does he.

And boy oh boy is Baby a cheeser... as you saw above...

OK. That wasn't very funny.

Especially if you don't get it.
Of course Brother had to join in on the photo fun for a second. (
 Good heaven's Baby! Do you need some attention?
When Brother was ages 3 - 5 he LOVED to play in the water. That's an understatement. He dreams about it. If fact sometimes he has me so confused and convinced that he know SO MUCH more than I do.

Anyway, I guess Baby figured out the water stuff too. But she doesn't care if it's cool, clear water stuff, because sometimes there are dishes soaking in the sink or a sink of soapy dirty dishwater,

She just likes to make sure she has a cup to poor the water in and out with OR a wet rag. Uggh! The wet rag... that is a nightmare. She always has to take it all the way out of the sink and walk around the house five times before I notice that she's been dripping from her soggy mess for the past hour or so.
 I should have just lied and told you she's getting her own drinks of water fro the sink now... Nope, another failure

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