Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Pictures and a Few Words

It was a crazy weather day in Utah today—cloudy, wind, rain, wind, rain, snow, rain, snow, hail, wind...

This photo was taken today during a cloudy piece of the day while the sun was starting to set in the West and radiate it's luminescent rays into the cloud filled sky.

I had to take my camera out just for fun.

This was the funnest pic I got as Baby looked at me when I called her name.

Pure bliss.

I love when my kids are this happy.

This next picture Marc doesn't like of himself, but I do. He was being really pensive and he just happened to look at me as I was sneaking a photo.

Just a simple post today.
Only simple words to say.
The pictures can show,
what you already know
and words can find their own way.

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