Friday, October 11, 2013

The Master Pumpkin Carver

I haven't written much this week! I've been working hard on getting this all ready to go.

The inspiration behind the Parade of Pumpkins is my brother Aaron's master carving skills!

This was one year ago for our first Parade of Pumpkins.

This is a few weekends ago when Aaron was helping me advertise while he was carving at the giant pumpkin weigh off.

Chelsea is a great support of Aaron's talents.

Kids and adults alike are amazed by what he can create.

This one is one of my favorite ones he's ever done because it's just so clever!

I'm so proud of his work. I can't wait to show more of it off at our event! Last year his pumpkin went for $115! Do you think you might be able to beat that? You'll have to give it a shot this year... there's even a trophy for highest bid pumpkin!

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