Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Me" and "You" Moments

Marc gets so happy when I post about his goings-on. He loves photography too and does a great job with his iPhone when he goes out on his hikes and adventures.

I almost think he checks our blog just to see if I posted his pictures on yet... tee hee!

I get so happy when I get to post about my goings-on. I don't always have pictures of them, though, because my "me" time usually consists of exercising, blogging (in my pajamas), making family movies and making family photo books.

So for Marc and me, I'll give you both today:

Marc went out on a quick hike just below Mt. Timpanogos to get some time to himself. He took some beautiful pictures and the colors were amazing!

Have I told you how much we love living in Utah and what a beautiful place it is! The only thing it's missing is an ocean... The Salt Lake is close but just not quite what I'm looking for...

My "me" time wasn't really "me" time, it was me and you with our friends time, which, sometimes, is just as good as "me" time.

We went and rode the ski lift to the tops of Sundance and hiked around for a few hours before riding back down.

So the funny part... well, there were two really funny parts... first one is that by the picture below, you would have thought it really was "me" time....

I actually have quite a few pictures like this! Ha! I just couldn't seem to get him interested in getting a pic with me as he was interested in taking his own... darn wanna-be photographers with their darn iPhones... Ha! (P.S. I was totally being sarcastic about iPhone photographers... I don't want any hate mail. I love iPhone photographers... do you think I should just delete that part about the photographers? Maybe it is a little harsh... funny, though... OK, it's staying ... along with this disclaimer.)

We did finally get this one, though, so I guess it's all good.

But this... this one (below) takes the cake. In fact I know at this point Marc is embarrassed that I kept him in this photo with me... here it is... the best funny capture of the day... if I ever see this on one of those weird-make-fun-of-peoples-photos-websites I will cry... with laughter!

There should be a warning on feather earrings. See the picture above? Cute earrings, right? Doing what earrings do... HANGing from my ears.

Now check this photo out!

I have elf ears! I look like I'm a fanatical Lord of the Rings guru! 
(I love Lord of the Ring's fans too.  Please, no hate mail. LOR fans rock! Woot!) ((hope that worked...))

It was really windy up top, and the sun was bright and ... oh, please, it's hilarious! Love you Marc!

Now for some more of Marc's "me" time... mixed in with a little bit of me "me" time.

Marc had a birthday recently! Yay! 45! You rock!

I had to get in a little "me" time by writing him a little message on our little sidewalk before he got home.

Then our friends brought over this awesome gift for him:

That was fun but, I have to say the card below is epic.


I laughed so hard!

My sister, Kirsten, made it up for Marc!

We both loved it!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

A little side note! I along with our two great friends Achim and Thomas got to give Marc a big surprise for his birthday. I may or may not tell you soon, but you'll at least know by April about some great "me and you" time we get to have! Ah! I love surprises! Hope you do too!

I also love art, inspiring people and playing outside.

So for some much needed "me" time I did some more chalk art on our front sidewalk. (Note to self: Our sidewalk is REALLY rough and hard to draw on. Use the neighbors' driveways next time.)

I know my artwork is not perfect, but it's the thought that counts.
I got the idea from Greg Olson's artwork.
Because really, when it's all said and done, the "me" and "you" time we take is only to replenish us for the "some one else" time we should give.

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