Saturday, October 26, 2013

Handshakes, hugs and hair flips.

One last post from Chelsea:

My heart was racing as we traveled the long stretch of country road, awaiting the first, very important gathering with Aaron's family.

But my mind wasn't focused on the scenery or the company.

I hope this goes well,  I thought.

I hope they like me

What if they don't?

I hope I don't make a fool out of myself.

"I have three sister's and one brother",  his voice halted my chaotic thoughts.

He carried on with the details, "My older sister Rachael has 2 kids, they both have Fragile X."

 "Fragile What?" I said.  I thought I had misunderstood. He went on to explain all about Brother and Sister. I was excited to meet them, but now even more nervous.

Would they like me? My mind continued to race.

How do I act in front of them?

What do they look like?

We pulled up in the driveway and stepped out into the bitter cold. We were both welcomed with open arms into the comfort of their home. Handshakes, hugs and hair flips (that one from Brother to me) were given as we made our way in.

"Ah! how fa-mantic!" Bother exclaimed as Aaron and I sat down and held hands. Brother plopped down right beside us and rested his head on my shoulder. I glanced at Aaron and he gave me a smile. I knew right then I was in the right place.

My love has grown heaps and bounds for Brother and Sister since that day almost 6 years ago. Not only did I join the family we have also been able to welcome 2 more Fragile X angels to our family as well.

They are always there when you need a good laugh, a little more light, or when you need a good reminder to clean your house. ;)

I feel like I know them pretty well, but there is no doubt they know me better. More than I know myself sometimes.

In Fact, they know more about everything sometimes.

"you have a baby in your belly!" sister said.

"No, not yet. That would be fun though!" I replied. As she comes up to rub my belly.

"what are you going to name it?" She was getting a little too excited at this point. (uh-oh) I was starting to believe it myself as she ran off to play. (whew) :) Well, sure enough a couple days later I found out she was right. The next time I saw Sister the conversation changed.

"What are you having?"

"I don't know yet, what do you think it is?"

"It's a Boy!" she said as if she were announcing it to me.

Sure enough.....right again. I don't know why we bothered going to my doctor to find out.

A few months later we lost that little boy, I have never seen/heard of a child being so devastated. She had become attached to that little boy probably as much as I did. These angels that our family has been blessed with here on earth helped carry me through the loss of ours. Not only have they touched my life, but everyone else's that they come in contact with. I feel like I have a lot to learn from them.

They have many struggles, but they know how to be a friend, to love and to teach. That is quite the set of skills to have if you ask me.

I am an aunt to 2 nieces and 2 nephews with Fragile X.  I am blessed.

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Rachael said...

OK. Seriously! Open the floodgates! I love ya Chelsea!