Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby's Birthday Bash?

It really wasn't a bash, that's why I had to add the question mark.

It was just her, Sister, Brother and me and Marc there to have her favorite foods: Cheetos and cupcakes!

Her birthday was in the shadows of the Parade of Pumpkins preparation and, frankly, I just didn't have the energy to have a bunch of people over to celebrate her birthday… especially because she really doesn't even understand what a birthday is for.

So we just had a day for Baby.

I was gleaming with joy because she was able to blow out her candle! That was amazing to watch! Four years old and already blowing out her own birthday candle!

Yes. I'm totally serious! Unless you have a child with special needs you may not understand why I am so happy about this small and seemingly insignificant event. But it would be the same kind of happiness and excitement if your child blew out the candle on their first birthday… hmmm… maybe some one-year-olds do that… I don't really know… I'm off over here in my own world of raising children who are not quite the norm…

Baby has been a bundle of excitement and a ball sensory overload since the day she was born and that's just her. We love her. It is fun sometimes when she tries to squeeze your face off or has to give you a slobbery kiss on the lips… notice, I said "sometimes."

I don't know if it's all the pumpkins I have been exposed to as of late, 
but she sure has a sweet jack o'lantern smile! Tee hee!

I'm excited to see all the wonderful things she starts doing during her fifth year of this wonderful life!

Yes, these are taken before her birthday but these are the special, quiet moments
we try to take advantage of for as long as possible. 

Happy Birthday Baby!

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