Friday, October 25, 2013

Be my guest!

Do you want to know a secret?

You do? Okay!

Come in close


There, perfect!!

It's ME, Chelsea! You know, Rachael's favorite sister in-law? (I can call me the favorite because I am writing this post and no-one can stop me, sorry Tynelle)  ;) hehe!

Rachael has asked me to do a guest post on her blog! Get it now? Be my Guest? (start pitty chuckle now) I feel honored and, well, intimidated to be posting on this coveted blog!  I will try to provide a good post so your withdrawals aren't so severe , but don't worry, Rachael will be back soon!

This past weekend was the very long awaited and anticipated Parade of Pumpkins! We will have to wait for Rachael to tell us all the "juicy" details, but I think this year was great and dare I say a huge success.

I loved watching everything come together and seeing the vision of this event come to life.

To build anticipation for her post with the details, I will give you my top 5 favorite things about the event. Trust me, It was hard to narrow it down.

Here we go!

Numbers 1...... 2 & 3:  All the pumpkin displays!

We had SO many great ones. I didn't realize until last weekend that I could get attached to painted or carved pumpkins!

Some of my personal favorites are, of course, Aaron's carvings. I have seen him do many carvings and it never gets old, I am always excited to see the end result.  He does an incredible job!  This one was unique because he used a small pumpkin for one of the eyes.  It made it really stand out.

 Then there is Sleepy. He quickly became my new friend so I had to take him home! He is currently snoozing away on our porch.

One more awesome display!  I loved this Monster's inc. display, it was so creative and I am sure time-consuming!  What a fun bunch:)

Favorite Number 4: The supporters!

I loved Everyone that came to help raise awareness for Fragile X syndrome. I was touched by everyone who took the time and effort to donate some pretty incredible displays, and those that came with their families and friends to have a good time. We love and appreciate all of you!

Favorite Number 5: The Siblings!
How can I leave them out? This picture is one of my favorites.  Siblings, and more importantly friends who came together because of the deep love for our nieces, nephews and children. Go team!

Thanks again for letting me steal the spotlight. Now that you've had a sneak peek, aren't you excited for the BIG Parade of Pumpkins post from Rachael? I know I am!

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