Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just wondering...

Do you ever worry that the arm of your couch is going to fall off?

Do you have to keep your bathroom doors closed so that your towels don't get wet?

Do you have Ramen on hand for breakfast in the morning?

Do your arms hurt from swinging all day?

Sister has this new "stimming" thing where she flops over backwards on the couch arm. I am thinking we need to go from big leather furniture to mission style benches.

Baby knows how to reach for the towels, turn on the sink water start soaking. If not caught soon enough this ends up being a very wet situation with both her, the bathroom rug and, of course, the towel dripping. (I am, so far, very happy that this is sink water and not toilet water.)

We are trying so very hard to get Brother to gain weight. He is very picky about what he'll eat and sometimes I just feed him whatever it takes to fill his belly. So I finally resorted to buying his favorite "anytime" food and it just so happens that it is now his breakfast of champions...

I know I may look like a monkey...
but my arms are just not made for swinging!

Baby that is! She wants to be swung all day long (sensory thing) and now it isn't good enough to just have her in her hammock, she has to have me hold her by the arms and legs to swing her. I guess it must give her the sensory input in two ways--deep pressure from hanging and the swinging sensation. This is definitely a lot easier with another adult to help me out and she has realized that as any time there is another adult around she grabs both of us and brings us together and says "swing." The one request that she is actually being verbal about instead of just grunting and pointing.

I'm not complaining. I am glad that she at leasts is making a verbal request.

However it is just mortifying that I had to have a monkey picture to illustrate my point....

Ha ha ha ha!

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