Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Now Serving 3

So, I have told you all about how amazing our neighborhood is to provide respite care for our family, not only for my sanity but for the kids' enjoyment.

If anyone ever tells you that today's youth are selfish, they must know only a select few.

We have the privilege of knowing one of the most unselfish teenagers on the planet. (Young woman really, she graduated high school so I forget she is a teenager sometimes.)


She comes to serve our 3 children quite often. And I do mean often. She has come over on a last second call when I think I am going to fall apart or just have to run to get someone from school and she is there for hours at a time so I can grocery shop, run errands or get stuff done around the house. She even comes with me on some of Baby's therapy outings just to learn more about her, early intervention, and any other knowledge she can wrap her hands around. We have had a lot of good laughs together over what the kids do and say, but we also laugh at how goofy I can be when I am starting to lose my mind. (Thank goodness Lindsey sees the humor in this the way I do so I don't scare her away.)

She wants to work with special needs people. She really has a knack with it too. My kids love her.

I don't know what I would do without her some days.

In fact I had to call her today last second to come be with the girls because Brother's bus broke down and Baby was still taking a nap. Bless her heart, she came right over. While she was here I was telling her how I can't believe that I still don't have a picture of her with the kids and she reminded me of the fun ones she, Brother and Sister took on my computer with PhotoBooth one day.

When I looked at them I had to giggle. She did a yarn braid on one of Brother's horses manes and he has been so proud of that so he made sure to have that in the pictures they took.

Our kids adore her. And if it isn't Friday's Kids, Grandma's or Aunt Jessie's it had better be Lindsey.

Lindsey, I can't thank you enough for all the service hours you have given to our little family, but here is a way to publicly thank you for your efforts and love for our kids.

This one is my favorite.
Brother I am sure made sure that she was holding his horse in the picture and they are all smiles.
Below is a collage of all the images.

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Barbara Onianwah said...

waoh! I am sorry but that was my instant reaction.

Lagos, Nigeria

Rachael said...

She is so sweet to help us out so willingly. Whoa! Is right :)