Friday, September 14, 2012

Pictures and Captions

This is the Oqhirr Mountain LDS Temple where my cousin Shambray was married.
Marc was having fun with my iPhone and he did great.
I have a LOT of cousins, so it is rare that Marc and I get to attend any of their weddings,
but this time we had respite for Baby and the other two were at school.

My mom and dad were there too.

Shambray looked so beautiful and so happy.

Shambray's nephew was so cute trying to look like his daddy and wanting to wear his little red tie to match. My uncle Slade could hardly resist giving him some sweet attention.

Here with my cousin's wife, Cami and my sister Kirsten squinting in the sun.

This picture is funny on so many levels!! I mean really. I can't believe I even posted it. Sorry, Kirsten.

Shambray's little niece waiting for pictures to be overwith.

We've been trying to start a tradition of getting a picture of us every time we are on a date.

Shambray and her friends. Kirsten and her were inseparable for years, so many great memories.

Another great shot by Marc

love this picture

We were teasing Shan because she had to keep her sunglasses on so I had to get some sunglasses for the sisters so we could get a "cool" shot!

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