Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things I Need to Document

Sometimes I get so caught up in life and posting the pictures for this blog I forget to put down all the random cute things the kids say and what has been going on with the pregnancy. So here it goes:

NERDLES: What 3 calls her ramen noodles (which she eats at least 3 times a day—she can't seem to live without them)

NEMMIN M'S: What 3 calls M&M's

CHICKEN WUN or WEEGLES: What 3 calls Chicken Run and The Wiggles (her favorite movies)

MAMMICH: What 3 calls her sandwich

And whenever 3 says the dinner prayer she always has to bless Miss Jen (her preschool teacher) and when she can't get my attention by saying "mom" or "Rachael" she says 'Miss Jen!' or 'teacher!'

9's most famous mixed up word that is all of our favorite is FAMANTIC for romantic. It's the best when 17 says something about 6foot7 and he says "Oh, so famantic!"

9 also says Lemony for Melanie and VDD for DVD — tee hee he is so cute!

And 9's most favorite thing to say is "That is the [hugest] thing I have never seen!"

Pregnancy update:
I am almost 15 weeks (or 3 months)

I started feeling the baby move once in a while at 12 weeks! Ya, crazy, it's like a butterfly kind of feeling, and I have felt it a few more times since then a little stronger. Pretty cool.

9 has to come feel my stomach everyday and give it a kiss and talk to it. He always calls it a boy and asks if it will cry like 3 does. Then he will always makes sure to tell me to eat so that the baby can eat too.

3 asked my sister if she had a baby in her stomach because mommy had one in her stomach. When Jessie said, "no" 3 seemed a bit sad for her. Ohhh. Cute...

The pregnancy doesn't seem real for Marc yet because he hasn't been to hear the heartbeat with me, and of course, he doesn't feel as pregnant as I do! Tee hee!

I am already so anxious for this baby to get here, I have a long wait.

Because this baby was such a surprise I had gotten rid of ALL of our baby stuff, so I am starting over. But so far I had a friend give me a really nice infant car seat and 17 got a free baby swing at work, I am using the cradle that I was in as a baby, and Jessie is passing on her crib. So, considering that we don't know the gender yet, we are doing well. But, if I have a girl I do have some clothes that have been passed on and back and forth. We'll see how it goes.

I will have to start posting pregnancy... Hold on... let me have 17 take a quick pic of me right here.. just sec......... OK.... got it... Now I'll post it....
Me at 14 1/2 weeks
(Oh and sorry, I have a sore back so I am standing funny)

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brookiebaby said...

So excited for you!!! You're a wonderful mommy, and Heavenly Father just knew that another little spirit needed your guidance during his/her time on earth! :) I have some little boy clothes, that I am happy to give you. I can't keep everything..I was sOOOOO spoiled with clothes! So, I'll get them to you, and if it turns out to be a girl, you can DI them! P.S. are you finding out what it is???

Anonymous said...

Love the fun words ... kids say the cutest things!
Exciting stuff with the pregnancy! Congrats again!

Suzy said...

I love all the cute things kids say. And funny you should mention M&Ms. I had a dream the other night that L1's first word was M&Ms. =)

Yo said...

your kids are so cute - I love their little words! You look great in your picture - I'm so happy for you guys:)

Derek and Melissa said...

My favorite is 9 telling you to eat something the baby can eat, too. That is so sweet! Posting these is a great idea. I might have to copy you... Cute Things Kids Say... Coming Soon!

I'm so excited for you! Isn't it amazing how life seems to be going and going down a path and then veer ever so slightly when something unexpected comes along. You look great!

Heather said...

Hey! That's so exciting you're Pregnant! CONGRATS!
I love your list. I had to giggle!
You have such a sweet Family!

Christa said...

lol yea its hard to keep track of the 405 cousins we have lol.. looks like your prego too! congrats!!