Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!! Yay!

We had my dad and Marc's dad have Father's day together. It was so much fun!!!! My brother and family and sister and family all came too. We just ate and hung out talking and having a great time! Here are some pictures. 13 was actually the photographer for a LOT of these pictures. He did such a good job--I'll have to employ him more often--that way there are actually pictures of me! Tee hee!

We had a huge barbecue, and even did pineapple and veggie cabobs. Jessie made us some soda cracker pie, which was delicious. We jump roped, played on the barrel, played tag and just really had a lot of good fun!

Tynelle, Kirsten and 17 in their "regular" pose! (smile)

Nice hat Joel!

Grandma Judy was the candy-hander-outer!

This was my favorite when Marc's dad was jumping with 3 in the jump rope--the next few pictures are so fun. She was giggling so hard and asked for more!

Marc was the BBQer!

9 loves to hug 13 anytime he has the chance—it doesn't matter if it is a convenient time or not!

My dad giving the barrel walking a turn

Oh, and here is an awesome Father's Day video I ran across. It is truly inspiring. Enjoy A Father Indeed.

2 remarks:

Julie said...

Awesome video "A Father Indeed". Loved it. It looks like you had a great Father's Day. You are awesome for making sure family comes first! Thanks for your example.

Yo said...

Great pics - looks like you had fun. We had the same "Dads" rootbeer - my dad got a kick out of it!!