Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camping Season Opens!!!

The Rainbow on our way to camp.

Yay!!! I LOVE camping, rain, cold or shine, I am all over it! Pregnant even! Yay for sixteen weeks! Woo hoo! So here are some fun pics of our campout with my brother and his family! We had so much fun!

It had rained just as we got there so it was really muddy, but there was no rain the rest of the night. We roasted hot dogs for dinner (10:30pm and hot dogs?—hey, we're camping) then we had s'mores! Then we hung out a bit and it was off to bed. Tynelle was frozen so she didn't sleep well, and Daniel didn't sleep more than an hour or two because his graveyard work schedule throws him off a bit, so they opted not to stay another night but, they stayed all day on Friday. Friday was the perfect day, sunny and a little cool. It was so beautiful up there—quiet too.

9 colored pretty much the entire time. I had bought these "My Little Ponies" coloring books at the dollar store and he and 3 LOVE them, but 9 really went to town—you will see in the pictures.

3 was, well, running like the energizer bunny, as always. She had to lead each hike and she ran from one place to the other. She didn't slow down once. Even bedtime was interesting.

13 was our big help. He loves to be in the middle of it all. He especially LOVED collecting and chopping wood for the fires with Uncle Daniel.

We went on a hike, did Brazilian-style BBQ (thanks to Daniel and Tynelle) which was sooooooo good and a lot of fun.

Daniel and I hung the hammock and made a little swing for the little kids next to it. We had a ball doing that together. We laughed so hard! Too fun. It was great to have them there with us.

17 wasn't able to be there with us because she had Youth Conference with our church on Friday all day.

The sunset so late, it was so cool to have the fire going and still see the sunset glowing on the horizon. Marc wanted to try some fire shots—they looked cool, or, I mean, hot!

Saturday morning, Marc say two cow elk about 50 yards from our trailer so he got video of one of them and later we all saw a buck leap past our camp area. We left after a restful morning and breakfast. It was so nice.

Now we are back home, doing the usual. But, it was a nice break. Enjoy the pictures.

Below: I am trying to eat what pineapple there is left on the rind and Tynelle caught me unawares!

13 looks chill!

Me at 16 weeks and camping...

3 is telling us to "shhh" because we were looking for deer.

3 got worn out and gave up so Marc had to carry her... she kept kicking him when he picked her up so this was the best way to get her up the hill. Tee hee!

5 remarks:

The Chizel Family said...

oh that was sooo much fun!! we are talking about next weekend already! those fire shots are awesome, and your rainbow shot kicked my rainbows butt!

Ethington Family said...

I am right there with you. Can't wait to start the camping trips. it will be so fun this summer.

Julie said...

Great pictures. Where were you camping? It looks like an ideal place. Our kids have only camped out in the back yard so far this year!

Anonymous said...

Oh -- so jealous ... I love camping!! Your little belly is so cute! And I want a taste of those yummy kebobs!

Rochelle said...

That looks like so much fun!! We need a camper, the tent thing just doesn't do it for me anymore:)