Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sister's Day Christmas Ornaments

Tynelle planned our sister's day this month. We are going to try to be more official and do them when we don't have to have our kids, so that we actually can get out. But, we had it at Tynelle's house so she wasn't as lucky as Jessie and I. Well, actually, it wasn't so good having to drive to her house in one of the worst now conditions I have ever driven in. I was a little shaken up and when Kirsten got there she was shaken up pretty bad. Luckliy, Jessie had gotten there earlier before the snow. While were all trying to settle ourselves down from our yucky drive we then got a phone call from my mom and dad that they had gotten in a wreck on the freeway. So then we were shaken again. They were totally OK and the car wasn't too bad but bad enough to take in to get some work done. Thank goodness they were OK. We feel bad too, because we were going to sing at my cousins ward Christmas party that night and we were very excited to go, but with my mom having been in a wreck and us worried about the drive, we had to cancel. Better safe than sorry--right?

Anyway, we all still had a good time making our really cool ornaments. Tynelle was such a trooper and purchased everything for us for the ornaments. My kids just love them, and I think I want to make a bunch more--they are just neat. Here are some pics.

Tynelle, the idea woman!

No, Daniel is not the sister, but he still got involved

You can tell that Kirsten was very busy making ornaments!

4 remarks:

Ethington Family said...

what darling christmas ordiments. I love that idea. of course, leave it to your creative bunch to figure those cute things out.

Rochelle said...

I love them!! How fun. I need to do sisters day. OK my sisters live too far away, but we need to figure out something!!!

Rosanne Orgill said...

I love the ornaments i want to know how to make them they are so cute

Shauna said...

I want the instructions too, they look fun. I love picture ornaments. Can u tell me what to do, thanks.
what do you use to have the different blogs listed and the time and topics, I would love to know when some1 updates their blogs