Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny thing

So, I am not sure that this is a Fragile X thing or not, but for my two youngest it just might be.

When 9 was little he used to love, and I mean love, to carry a spatula (pancake turner) around the house. When my Aunt Aleesa would babysit him, the first thing he would do when he walked into her house was go to her utensils drawer to pull out the spatula to carry around with him the entire day.. so funny. He loved to sit with the water running in the bathroom or the kitchen and watch the water run over the spatula. But, it didn't stop there—there was a while there when 9 wouldn't not go to sleep unless he had the spatula in bed with him!

Now I watch 3 as she just has to sleep with a certain orange story book on top of her chest. It is so funny. And last night she had to go to sleep with her snow boots on. I mean it was hilarious, she woke up at 2:30am and handed me her snow boots. I had to put them on and then tuck her into bed and she was fast asleep. Then, when I went to take her boots off in order to get her dressed for school this morning, I thought she was going to die! I had to take one boot off, slide the tights on one leg and quickly put it back on then the same with the other side—phew! we made it through. Hopefully we grow out of the sleeping with boots on thing pretty soon here.

Whatever blows your hair back!

3 remarks:

Travis and Cami said...

oh my goodness that is hilarious! i love it. its funny how kids get attatched to one thing. Last week my little nephew lost his monkey (george) and they are only at osh gosh.... he spent the entire week crying going to sleep and being miserable until finally i tracked one down! then... back to his normal self!

all your stories make me look forward to our little one growing up!

amyandrandy said...

Boots to bed eh? What a funny girlie. Hopefully those boots don't become her favorite "blanket". Can you imagine her being like 8 and still wanting to sleep with her boots! too cute!

Joe said...

We all have little comfort rituals I think, my dad always carried a certain little polished rock with him, year after year, and he would not respond when my mom asked why he carried it every day. When I was 11 I saw an uncle of mine sleep with a pillow wrapped around his head, covering both ears, I started doing it and I have done it for 50+ years now. Actually someone told me Rochelle does it now. There's nothing wrong with "comfort" rituals, they are especialy cute in kids. They are so fortunate to have parents like you.