Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Real Life is a Wonderful Life

OK, so this will be a really long blog just to warn you ahead of time. There are slide shows, pictures, ramblings...

So while I am waiting for my slides to save, I will ramble. I have realized that as I have been blogging that I have neglected to mention that I quit Kids Who Count. Yes, it was a very tough decision for me. But, my kids have been needing more and more attention and my sanity is thin so I had to let something go. I will miss the kids terribly and I really did enjoy working there, with Melanie and the others. Thanks to Melanie, publicly, for giving me the fantastic opportunity of influencing children's lives. It was so fun. I hope to return to KWC one day when 3 is in Kindergarten or 1st grade, if they will take me and if my life can handle it. So, I guess with that you can imagine my level of saneness. It is low, but, I am coping. Having two kids with FXS seems like a task that I could never do and laugh when I think that God trusted me to do this and thought I would live through it! Ha!

I did a class on Fragile X Syndrome for the Preschool teachers for the entire school district here. I was asked to do an hour and a half presentation and I did it! I think it went pretty well. It was a lot of work putting it together and it is always hard to stare all the symptoms in the face all at once when at least once in a while I try not to think about it all too much. My father-in-law came with me and video taped the whole thing—I will post my video one day when I am brave enough to let everyone watch me in all my glory! : )

Also, I have been having problems with weight gain, regardless of my everyday exercise and eating less and even healthier than before. Anyway, to make a long story short, I think it may be Candida--it's where the yeast continues to grow in your body and causes many different symptoms, anyway, I am cutting out sugar entirely--all sugar and that is tough. Yeast feeds on sugar so that has to go along with lactose (dairy) and carbs (grains, potatoes and carrots, etc.) So I am going to be strict on it for 2 weeks and then introduce grains and carbs back in slowly--because there is no way I could ever survive without all those things for the rest of my life, but, if I have to, I will. So sugar is the biggest thing I am going to try to eliminate. Now this is just an experiment to see if this is really what is causing my problems. Look up Candida on the web, you'll learn a lot. Anyway, so the holidays will be interesting--and yes, I will cheat a little, I am not super human. But, to tell you the truth after only one day of of no sugar, no carbs, no dairy—I actually do feel a little bit of a change—it will be interesting to see what happens. Don't worry, I won't go overboard but, it is kind of like people who are lactose intolerant or have allergies to wheat--they feel much better without those things so they do it--we'll see. I will keep you posted. So far, so good—even while we made gingerbread houses last night I didn't snitch, at all!!!!

OK, so here are the slides and pictures of our first snow of December which brought on our Christmas spirit for our Family Home Evening Activities. Enjoy!

Here is 3 out enjoying our first big snow! She loves being outside!

Decorating the Tree together as a Family—tradition

Gingerbread Houses—tradition.
(I am not as cool as my sister though, I just used graham crackers—and Jessie, I don't think ours turned out to look like gingerbread trailers--although 3's has little to show for itself...)

And on Sunday we sang around the piano at mom's house—tradition!

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Kirsten Amelia said...

Wow, so I was thinking today how much I want to go home, but now I am WAY home sick! I can't wait till stupid finals are over and i can come home! I just love Christmas. And it's nice to know that no matter what happens we still have our family and Heavenly Father is mindful of us. We are so blessed!

julianne orth said...

That would be an impossible diet for me, good luck though, it will be interesting if it really works!
I think you do a great job taking care of your FXS kids, I took care of autistic kids for two summers and it was the hardest job i have ever had, It just wore me out mentally. So I don't blame you for feeling insane somedays!