Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Beach at the Peak

Baby was helping me chalk...

I ended up having to throw these clothes away because I couldn't get the chalk out... but at least she was happy to chalk with me.

Sister has been really into folding and organizing clothes. She has emptied out, folded and organized the clothes in her dresser at least 4 times last week. What I love the most is when she wants to fold the clean laundry I haven't gotten to yet.

She's actually really good at it.

Brother and Sister started school on Wednesday.

I have to admit, I let Facebook and Instagram make me feel like a bad mom... I didn't get pictures of them on their first day of school. At least, no really.

I got one of Brother ready for the bus before Marc had left to work. I wanted to document how tall he is compared to his dad starting off school and then we'll take another picture on the last day of school... if I remember. (wink)

His look is killing me! Ha!

He's telling me to stop taking pictures, "That's enough mom!"

But I totally forgot about getting Sister's first day documented. I'm just relieved that I have her off to school without either one of us having a melt down. Maybe I'll remember to take one next week and then I can join the throngs of mothers and fathers who have the ever-traditional first day of school in front of the front door picture. Oh, wait, maybe I'll just be happy to get one of the back of her running excitedly to the bus.

A friend of mine from the Mary Poppins cast sent me this gem of her daughter and I when I was Allison in "Pinkalicious." I was so excited to know that I had met her sweet daughter before we ever even knew each other.

I think I am going to try out for another play. I'm excited because it will be another one like "Pinkalicious" that is for the younger audiences and rehearsals are during the day while my kids are in school. I'm excited to try out for "James and The Giant Peach." I'm so excited and nervous and excited! I'll keep you posted.

I have really been in the mood for Thai food lately and I am pretty proud of my Thai food skills. We've had Mango with coconut sauce and sticky rice at least once every week for the last 4 weeks!


I cut my side-sweep bangs into blunt cut bangs and it made me happy.

One of the cooler things I have been able to do is work on this painting for a dear friend who wrote a song and is making a music video. I was able to design the art piece and I have been working on it over the last week to get it completed for the shoot this Wednesday.

I can't show you the artwork yet as she would like for  me to wait for the "big reveal," but I thought this picture was cryptic enough bit still showed me doing the painting.
I'm so proud of myself for this because it is different than what I have ever done. It's my own creation and imagination (with a lot of inspiration from above) and I am painting on a 9 foot wide canvas drop cloth which I have never done and poses it's challenges.

I am also excited because, being in the Young Women's Presidency in my ward, I have decided to get my Honor Bee, which is a prestigious award for the Young Women. Last year I made a goal to do a 10 hour project to paint an original piece of art and display it—I'm sure this will cover that!

This project has also helped me keep the shadow of depression far enough away that it hasn't consumed me yet. I've felt it for a while and keep trying hard to keep it from taking over. I think that my outlook on life sometimes takes a little downturn when I analyze it too much. I just have to remind myself that my life is too crazy to be analyzed and I just need to live it.

Marc went on a back pack trip with my Uncle Kelly and my Uncle Jeff on Friday night to Lake Hardy. It was quite the uphill hike for 5.5 miles. I love that Marc goes on hikes with my family. He loves to get out and I love that he is good friends with my family.

Funny story Marc told me about he pack trip was about an Australian friend the met on the hike. He had been hiking down because his friends had dogged him and he didn't want to camp by alone in the wilderness, but when he stopped to talk to Marc and my uncles he felt comfortable enough to ask them if he could camp with them... but that's not the part I want to tell you. It was the part where, at dinner time, this young man, hunted a squirrel, skinned it and ate it for dinner. Marc and my uncles chuckled a bit when he offered some to them... oh the people we meet!

Ew, ew, ew!

Saturday night Marc and I went on a date.

It was so needed and I was so happy to be out enjoying time with him and away from the kids.

We love to dress up when we go out. Sometimes our attire is fine for where we are going and sometimes it seems a little much, but we love to get all decked out for each other.

So when we walked into Smash Burger I am sure we stood out... in a good way, I hope.

After burgers we went to Iceberg Drive Inn and got shakes. I was so happy and was singing with all the oldies songs that were playing and enjoying Marc's smiles and my grasshopper shake. (Don't worry, I'm not that adventurous, it was grasshopper cookies—chocolate and mint.)

We almost for got to take our traditional date night selfie! We gave it a few tries...

He finally settled on this one to post on his Instagram account.
After dessert we went and shopped around at the local thrift stores and then we were off for our 8:40 movie. I talked Marc in to watching "Pixels" with me and it was hilarious. I really needed a good laugh, but it also had some adventure in it too.

After the movie we still had an hour before we had to be home to relieve the babysitters so we drove up to our favorite spot.

Squaw Peak in Provo Canyon.

It was so beautiful looking at the sea of lights and Marc captured a great panoramic of what we saw down in the valley.

Marc and I have decided that this lookout is our equivalent to the ocean.

Beautiful sunsets, tranquility, amazing views, and a pleasant breeze.


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