Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Molding Sibling Relationships

"You can't have friends over unless you learn to play with each other. Family is forever."

My mom was often heard saying this.

We hated hearing that line when we were desperate to get away from each other as siblings and enjoy some time with friends.

We were also often lectured that we can and should bring our sibling (usually the one closest in age) with us to activities and things like that.

That was also not always something we wanted to hear, but we got a lot more friend time if we were willing to include our siblings.

I don't remember when I started to realize how grateful I was that my mom made us be friends as brothers and sisters, but I do know that I am so grateful now.

My brother lives in Illinois and, currently, is the only sibling who lives out of state. It's tough to not have him at all our family dinners and parties so when he does come to visit we try to fit everything in we possibly can.

I guess it's not really exciting what we try to fit in. They're not grand adventures or anything, it's mostly just hanging out with each other talking, playing games, laughing and telling stories.

I love it!

I love that our family is so close that it doesn't take much to help us feel connected.

It's really the little things like...

a backyard barbecue and fireworks on Pioneer Day:
My nephew, Popo was showing me his hula-hoop skills

Millie was nervously excited to do a sparkler on her own

I loved capturing Baby and Marc having fun with sparklers

Doctors H joined in our party too and it was so nice to have their help with the kids that night when the fireworks began

Zac is trying to tell his mom he wants more bubbles

Brother was in complete bliss running around the yard with his sparklers!

My niece, Berry, was a little nervous when she realized how hot 6 sparklers in one hand could get 

It was Popo's idea
Glow sticks have become a tradition and sensory necessity for Sister during celebrations that include fireworks
Pope and TwinGirl

this is my favorite picture from that night, my brother Daniel watching the fireworks

here's Tynelle in the red glow of one of our finale fireworks

and bouncy balls in the backyard...

I am hoping you laughed as hard as I did looking at these photos! My brothers rocked those big balls... ha!!!

The beautiful sunset in Nephi
There was even a little bit of rodeo going on! That Uncle Joel trying to rope Millie!

Big family sleepovers at Jessie's house that include awesome food and fun games...

And we did a lot of hanging out at my mom's...
This was a picture I took because I thought it was cute to see LittleMan hanging out with MrT and Jman.
And do you remember when Daniel and I were playing with the homemade play dough? I ran across the old picture and wanted to share it with you so you could see why I had created the dough art of my dad that I did.

I know that my family has had a HUGE part in molding my life. I am so, so thankful for their friendships and love. I am very blessed to be so close to my brothers and sisters through thick and thin and happy go-lucky.

That's my UP!

Day 216 of 365 Days of Up

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