Friday, October 17, 2014

Where'd you go?

Is that what some of you are wondering?

I think that everyone needs photos and design work by the end of October...

it's a bit crazy!

Not to mention my cousin, Tiffany, and I are getting this Parade of Pumpkins thing going.

What? You haven't heard of it!

It's the biggest fund raiser in the state for the Fragile X Association of Utah!

I mean... that's epic!

Anyway, between that, work, kids' school, photography, kids, meals, money managing, exercise, canning tomatoes and trying to figure out the next play I want to audition for... I guess blogging took a back burner for a bit.


I even have video ready for my YouTube channel vlog and haven't even gotten to that yet!


I even had the opportunity to take pictures of my niece, Kelsey, who is getting married!



It took me back to when she lived with me and we would take photos for fun while she was waiting for her date to show up... this was before I started really being a photographer...

Flashback Friday!!!

 —Blog Post from when she turned 18! here

 —Homecoming her Senior year! here

Now I have to show you her pictures from when she was almost 18 and the pictures I took this week...

She's still just as beautiful! Just so grown up!

P.S. She made her bouquet for the pictures!!! What?!! They are made from paper and book pages! So talented!

Oh, and she even brought her necklace to wear with her dress that she wore that year to Homecoming... pretty cool! I love this necklace!

Anyway, it's been a very interesting week...

I really still need to tell you so many things!

Here's a list so I don't forget:

About Sister's new teacher
Update on my back and the surgery
How Baby's coming along in talking and other things
Brother's cool school stuff

Don't let me forget...

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