Thursday, October 2, 2014

Climbing Peaks

Marc and I have figured out how to keep ourselves going mentally, emotionally and physically.

We have started doing things on our own that we truly enjoy!

I have my play (which only has 3 more shows left).

He has his backpacking/climbing adventures.

We still spend lots of time with our kids, with each other, as a family, just now, we have our own thing to revel in and be proud of.

It's really fun!

Marc enjoys watching my play and seeing me so happy and youthful.

I know this picture is blurry, but I LOVE this one because Brother got in on the picture! He thought Wednesday was cute!

Our cast shirt! How cool is that!

I enjoy watching Marc's face brighten each time he talk about a new mountain to climb or lake to hike to.

The crew that went on this last trip!

Standing at the top of the first climb waiting to attack the next one to the top.

At the top!!!

I decided to make a "Our Life YouTube Episode" about Marc's latest adventure. It was such a huge adventure and a first of its kind for him, that I just had to share it with everyone.

I also wanted to show just a clip of the little stuff at home, so you'll see both.

In a weird way, though, when you watch the video and compare Marc's adventure with my everyday...

There are peaks and valleys in both.

Highs and lows.

Happiness and sorrow.

Thrill and boredom.

We all have peaks in our lives that we must climb.

Some have more crags and crevices to grab onto along the way and others are so shear that the only way to make it up is with the help of ropes and bolts.

But, we all make it somehow.

Just when we think we can't we keep going.

When you are half way up the shear side of a mountain and get too tired to keep going, you don't just jump off and give up... you take a rest, reassess the situation and keep going up, even if it is slow.

You may not be climbing the same peak that I am ascending, but you are climbing none-the-less.

Do all that you can to get to the top.

The view is worth the climb...

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