Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Excellent Adventures!

I just recently finished watching "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure."

I laughed so hard at this movie as a youth, and I laughed hard as an adult because it is so ridiculous!

Seeing this show reminded me of my younger days when movies were edited for TV, Disney showed movies every Sunday for family time, and ATARI was the coolest invention for gaming!

Then I started remember my hairdo, my outfits, my words... yep, my words!

My school binder said it all:

Radical Dude!


Cool Dude!



I was so profound...

Anyway, after I finished this silly movie from my youth I decided to start another movie from my youth.

Ha! Ha!

It wasn't a blockbuster by any means.

In fact I wanted to watch it because a friend in the play I've been in is going to be in the Miss UVU pageant! And our director has been helping her along.

So, the movie I watched was the 1995 Miss Spanish Fork Pageant.

I know, not that exciting.

But, oh, so funny!

I just had to show you the clips of me because humor and fun like this should be shared and not stored away in a shoe box.

One other funny thing is...

When I did this pageant, I was still healing from ACL surgery on my right knee.

I was laughing as I was wearing a back brace for most of the run of the play and here I was watching me do another first in my life while wearing a knee brace.

I'm such a basket case!

I guess I have to prove that I really want to do things, no matter what.

Now, you need to watch the video, and laugh. Oh, and yes, it's VHS, poorly recorded and NOT in widescreen, but I was able to get a pretty decent video with my iPhone of the pretty awful recording...

(Oh, and as a side note: I have some news about my back, but I want to write a post all about that later. Just don't let me forget to tell you...)

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