Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This and Then That

First I want to tell you about this:

I haven't even told you about the kids' last days of school!

That was clear back in May! So, I didn't want to include part of our trip THIS post.

I'll get to THAT later.

For Marc's work, he sometimes gets to go to Elementary Schools and teach them about the water system in the city.

During the the last weeks of school Marc was able to teach Sister's class!

He said that she was so excited that her daddy was at school teaching her and her friends and couldn't stop bouncing out of pure happiness.

I'm glad he had a picture op with her.

The week before Sister and Brother were done with school, Baby had her little "graduation" last day in Preschool. I had to keep snapping pictures of her because of her cuteness and put on the top of that, a graduation cap... sooooo cute!

I had taken several pictures of Baby having fun with her hat and graduation balloon and then she demanded I hand over my phone. She took a few random shots of the floor and then she turned to her teacher and said "cheese." So, of course her sweet teacher had to pose... not too shabby Baby!

Miss Tina, Baby's teacher, and one of the many angels in Our Life

Then there was the email I received for in answer to my message for his choir teacher. 

(I talked about this previously a little bit in this post, The Sound of Music)

Brother was asked by his Special Ed teacher, Mrs. S, if he wanted to be in Men's Choir again for the next school year and his response was, "I want to be in Footnotes."

Footnotes is the performance choir at his Junior High.

You have to try out for that...

There's no way he tried out when it was try outs (hyperarrousal, anxiety, not understanding having to try out...), and I knew those were long past.

I knew it was a shot in the dark, but I sent his choir teacher, Ms. Hannah, an email request:

Thank you so much for letting Brighton participate in the Mens Chorus this semester. He has requested of me, though, to ask you if he can be part of the Footnotes :)

I think he could do it. You would just have to expect him to behave and he will. I understand if this isn't a possibility because he didn't try out and all that, but he REALLY wants to be a part of it and I think he could do it. But, I don't want you to feel pressured at all. I just wish his anxiety would let him try out, because I know he would make it. He really is a good singer.

Anyway, I just thought I'd try and ask. But, I do understand if it can't happen.

This was her response the next day:

After considering it, I think it would be a GREAT idea to have [Brother] in Footnotes. His behavior and skill has proven to me that he could handle it. Plus: I just LOVE him. 

So, let's talk to the counselors about it and see if we can work it out. We may want to assign him a reliable student aid for the class, but I think that's the only issue I see with the whole arrangement. It would just be nice to have someone in class there with him to make sure he's on task and he's got his music out. He just needs occasional reminders. We could maybe have someone from the class do it, but I'd like them to feel like they can simply focus on the class. Footnotes can be a challenging and fast-paced class, and all the students need to be focused on their own work. 

Anyway... tell him we'd love to have him in Footnotes, and I look forward to it!

Now, I know, that this was a huge exception to the rules to let him in without auditioning, but I do hope that the kids will be understanding and welcome him regardless.

We are now working this summer on getting him to wear a button up shirt and tie to church so he can be ready to wear the required attire for Footnotes!

So exciting!!!

Then, last but not least, was Sister's big end of the year dance at her school. All the grades participate and it is a HUGE tradition. Sister has been very excited for this big day since January... ya, that long... she already has plans for Christmas!

I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

This one does need a little explanation... she was a little nervous to perform for the crowd so she was "hiding" 

Then she realized that while blindfolded she had gone to the wrong side of the "stage" --- running back

And now she dances her heart out, and I must say that she was the best. I might be biased...


This is one proud Papa! I'm just glad he was able to be there. That's the nice thing about having him work close to home.

She even had a cape! I love her teachers.

Our kids are so blessed with angel teachers. I seriously can't thank them enough! I love Special Ed. It's a special place (wink).

I was sad, though, to hear that Sister would no longer see her current teacher because she took another job with early intervention in the district. So she's going to a great place, but Sister will miss her terribly, and frankly, so will I.

In celebration of the last day of school I had to draw up one of the kids favorite cartoons to kick off the summer!

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