Friday, July 25, 2014

The ICE Train Cometh...

We woke up in Thomas' home for a quick, but lovely breakfast and then we were off with some small packed bags for our adventures in Berlin.

Before Berlin, though, we went into Hannover to see the famous "meeting clock." It's a clock in the middle of town that has always been the place people have suggested to meet, therefore, the meeting clock.

Marc took a picture of me in front of it because I wanted to be like my Grandpa Willy when he went on his LDS mission here. He took a photo in this same spot. I thought it was just cool (smile).

Grandpa Willy was sitting down in his picture by the clock so I had to take one like that too.
Then we went to a couple places that Marc had also been to when he was here before, so I got my picture in front of one the spots too.

The sun was really bright...
Then we headed to the train station there in Hannover to wait for our train to Berlin. First, though, I had to get a little snack. I made Marc take a picture of the event because it was the first time I had ordered something on my own while traveling and paid for it and everything... I felt so grown up!

Then we went out of the station on to the platform to wait for the ICE train to come.

Thomas was so frustrated with us Americans because we call it the ICE train...

"It's the Inner City Express," he frustratingly explained.


Well, Thomas, it does say "ICE" and it is known for going VERY fast! So it just sounds so much cooler to tell our American friends that we rode on the ICE train to Berlin instead of the Inner City Express... meh... Besides, who doesn't want to yell from the platform, "The ICE train cometh!"?

Marc, however really wanted to be able to give his sweetheart a kiss while on the platform. He said it was such  nostalgic thing and so I obliged...

My brother, Daniel, said "No more kissing pictures on your blog.
It weirds me out to see you kissing... your my big sister... bleck." Sorry, Daniel, this was for Nostalgia's sake.

I tried to get a picture from the window of the fields of hello I had told you all about earlier. Doesn't do it any justice, but it aint too bad for taking it on an iPhone, through the window of a speeding train window going 240 km/hour.

Our first moments together on a real train!

When we landed in Berlin, I could just feel the weight of the big city bus

The Berlin train station was truly something to behold. It was huge and reminded me a LOT of an airport, which saints

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