Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More than just a blessing

While my brother, Daniel, and his family were here we did so much more than just have a baby blessing.

We got together as often as time would allow when an entire family is visiting 2 other entire families in 5 day's time.

With my family, getting together ALWAYS involves eating. It doesn't matter if it's lunch, brunch, breakfast, snack or dinner... there must be food in order for the socializing to really roll into full effect.

When Daniel comes I throw all dieting techniques out the window as I know this will be the time of french fries, fried zucchini, homemade pizza, homemade pocket bread, homemade cherry turnovers... my mom brings out all the stops. I think she is trying to convince him to move back closer to all of us. That, and Daniel's the favorite. (Just a little joke we like to tease my mom with sometimes... it's true though.)

Sister and Brother also started school while Daniel's family was here. I neglected to get a picture of Brother just before school, but I remembered to get Sister for a quick snap.

She's having so much fun with all her really colorful clothes this year.
All these colors she's been wearing really show her colorful personality.

I love getting together at my mom's when we have pizza!

It's the best when I leave my phone laying around and my brothers and sisters decide to take crazy selfies and then... I post them on my blog a few weeks later to remind them that the joke is on them.


Nice photo bomb Joel!

I tried as hard as I could to get as much time with Daniel and his family as much as possible. One of my favorite gatherings was at my house for just a casual hang out and we had so much fun playing Skip-bo with Mom and just laughing about things we did as kids... and what we still do now that reminds us of being kids.

I certainly didn't want to miss the opportunity to take twin pics while they were here. Even though they were a wiggly 7 weeks old, we still managed to get some good shots. I say "we" because my sister-in-law, Chelsea did the posing while I took the pictures. It was fun working with her and it was fun to see our final products.

See this sweet little pose Chelsea put Cece in? Well, Yaya really wanted to get in on the photo session...

While we were switching spots Yaya got herself into position for her shot. I was giggling so much it was hard to take the picture but I couldn't resist  immortalizing the moment.

With a little cropping and editing, it still turns out to be a fun image.

This is when we finally got her to sit up on the chair and smile! She was giving us her biggest cheesers!

Back to the babies...

Two peas in a pod

We had 5 days of eating, having fun, playing games, chatting, conversing, laughing and taking photos — it was over way too soon.

All those things are more than just blessings—they are treasures and blessings.

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