Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Double the Blessings!

When my brother, Daniel, came into town with his family it was such a blessing.


They blessed their babies (twins) so that all the family could be there.

It was so fun to meet the twins for the first time. I haven't decided what to name the twins officially here on my blog yet... We'll see what develops.

Anyway, I brought my camera along because I really wanted to have pictures of my own of the event. Tynelle and her dad are photographers so I knew I wouldn't be the only one with a camera there, but I just love it too much to not take pictures of special occasions if I am able.

We also celebrated Berry's birthday so I got a few pics of that too.

I need to get to bed so I am just posting pictures tonight.


Twin Boy... eh, nope I have to come up with a name for the blog... let me think...

Ah ha! Motley! Yep that's his "name"

Aw, his sweet little foot is only as big as Daniel's thumb

Berry's Grandpa Guy is lighting her birthday candles

making a wish

This is what I get from Baby when we take pictures now-a-days—CHEESE! Love this pic, though, it's so her!

I'm surprised she even looked up to say "cheese" she was so happy to eat the cake!

Melly having her cake and eating it too

One of my favorite shots of the day. We all tried to hold those sweet babies as much as possible.

But, these are my favorite! 
Brother could not get enough of these sweet hearts. He took a special liking to ... Cece, that's her name on the blog.

He was so proud to be holding her by himself. Aunt Chelsea was close by just to make sure he did well.

He's telling her, "It's going to be OK."


so proud to be a "new" cousin again

And this is what you get when you give Popo attention...

Berry was SO excited about her doll she got from Grandma Judy. When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is one of them.

Li'l Mr got a little owie and Daniel was tending to it.

Uncle Joel had to have some time with Cece too.

Baby loves her grandma time.

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