Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Chalk One Up for the Kids... They Won!

I told you I would tell you all about taking Brother and Sister to Chalk the Bloc, here it is...

Neither one of them were all that impressed with my artwork... meh, I'm used to their criticism...

They were more interested in the interactive chalk art just over from me that allowed them to look like a butterfly. I can't blame them, it was REALLY cool! I think I liked it too because I talked to the girl who was drawing it for the 2 days I was there. Her name was Annie and she was so sweet and fun. I hope she sees this one day to know that my kids enjoyed her first ever sidewalk chalk art.

Iron Man was the winner this year, you can see why! Sister was VERY impressed. I guess I need to do a superhero next time so I can win... ha! Nah! Maybe on my neighbors driveway (wink).

Of course after walking through the crowds of people and all the artwork on the ground, Brother and Sister became really anxious and overwhelmed so we thought we'd calm them down be letting them check out the water fountains in hopes that we might be able to go get a treat or something.

I just had to laugh because obviously they were extremely overwhelmed. They started using the water to "cool off" by dunking their heads in!

Oh, and just so you don't think I'm really crazy, I had Lindsey and Kenna there to help me. Marc was really sick so he was home with the kids.

Finally we found a spot inside one of the buildings to get a treat. This wasn't the best idea as it was packed full of "fun" things to do. Brother and Sister found the playground and we couldn't get them off of it. I wish I would have had pictures of them on that, because that was really funny.

We then ordered our treats and while we were waiting Lindsey, Kenna and I all lost track of Brother. Lindsey thought she had seen him duck one way, and I thought I saw him another direction. We both looked around for him, trying not to panic. After a short time Lindsey approached me, laughing, and pointed to the photo booth that was just feet away from us...

If those Kermit-the-Frog legs don't give him away, I'm not sure what else would! Lindsey and I laughed so hard about that one. I feel bad because I totally interrupted a nice couple having dinner so I could sneak in to get this picture. But, I mean, come on! You can't pass up frog legs in a booth!!

Finally after getting our food, eating it, rounding up the kids from off the playset and practically dragging Sister out the door we were on our way to the car.

Sister was screaming at me, falling apart, freaking out, yelling to the world and trying to run away all while walking through the parking lot to the car.

Then a policeman walked towards us. Sister saw him. Immediately quieted down and said, "Oh. Hello Mr. Policeman."

She was quite fine after that. I'm thinking I need to have police around more often...


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