Monday, September 23, 2013

Before the Flood...

Remember a couple of weeks back when I told you all about my dramatic experience with the flood? Well, I briefly mentioned that Marc had just returned from a hike with our Brother-in-law, Joel, and his son J-man.

This was way back on September 6-7th, but I am finally getting it documented here. You'd be surprised to know that Marc really enjoys when I put his stuff on our blog too... I mean, really, it makes sense to put his stuff on here too, right? It is "Our Life."

Anyway, so here it is, my picture-filled blog for the week.

Enjoy the hike through the tranquil scenery photos and get and idea of the fun they had when you see them in the shots too.

Marc, J-man and Joel

This photo has no editing and is perfectly beautiful from Joel's camera.

Getting dinner ready.

I love this shot Marc got of the clouds reflected into the lake.

There were actually some other hikers they passed by so they were able to get some group shots.

Marc said that this was one of the most beautiful hikes he's been on... he says that about all of them.

He LOVES hiking.

(Side note: The shirt that Marc is wearing is one I designed for a 5k Fun Run. Spiffy, eh?)

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