Saturday, August 3, 2013

Splashes and Cars

This past Tuesday was a busy day.

I had a photo shoot in the morning, which involved cutie children and a pool, can't wait to show you all those photos... then a get together with some women in the neighborhood at a local splash pad. I was really late to the gathering so I think my girls and I were there for about 15 minutes when everyone scattered their own ways. One way some were going that I decided would be fun for my girls was to get some ICEES. I had to laugh as I was juggling, my purse, my wallet, my sunglasses and Baby when my sweet friend, Tanya, walked in to see if I needed any help. I politely declined as it was "obvious" I had it all under control... I'm joking here... really, the moment I declined was the moment the juggling fell to the floor, literally, as Tanya grabbed for the released and running Baby and my purse was falling off my shoulder while trying to put my wallet back in and Sister is crying because she wants to know where her ICEE is, all while the 3 employee's stare at me wondering why I haven't grabbed the 2 ice drinks, cookie and vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream cone...


Needless to say I am glad that Tanya followed her instincts and came in to help me, it could have been disastrous! Ha!

I still needed to get a bunch of things done before Brother left for Trek the next morning and I was just a bit frazzled as I didn't want to take advantage of Lindsey being with the girls while I was off running errands.

I guess I was a bit too frazzled to remember to take my keys out of the ignition at Walmart and then locked my door.

No, it gets better...

The car was still running...

Yep, I'm telling you, if it can be done, I will do it.

Thank heavens Marc works close by and was able to come unlock the door for me. Although, I can say was not too impressed with my special trick of running a car with all doors locked.

I had to take a picture to document the event... you can't see anything... but I took the picture so just look at it and move on.

The next day, Wednesday, was the day I sent Brother off to Trek. (I am so excited to tell you all about that, but that will be in another post... ya, I know, that's what you really want to read, but I'm documenting here. Sheesh!)

We decided to have a Sister's Day with the kids at the splash pad near Chelsea and Aaron's new house.

The kids had a ball. I have never seen my girls actually PLAY at a splash pad. They usually touch the water and run around it (as shown above), but here, they went to town and back! Wew! All had fun!

Baby found the planter boxes and enjoyed them while the water was off for a few minutes.

The walked around the circle too while they anticipated the water coming back on.

Yaya even found a new friend to hold hands with... tee hee!

And on comes the water! Woo hoo!

Sister was having a blast!

Baby loved that it was all in a circle because she could fun for infinity... get it?

Millie had fun trying to "catch" the water and J-man was trying to help...

MrT got right in. 
Sister just couldn't run from one fountain to the next fast enough.

Apparently Baby didn't want to take the time to get to the drinking fountain... actually, this is what we find her doing all to often. There must be something about the iron content in water that is on the ground... just sayin'.

Millie and Zac got in on the fun too!

I promise, he was happier than he looks in this picture.

LittleB! Tee hee!
(that rhymes, I know, I thought it would be funner that way) 


Ya, that's more like it!
Before we left, Chelsea had a great idea to get all the cousins who were there in a picture. I love it! Good times!

After a hot day in the water we went back to Chelsea's house, had ice cream, and the kids watched Disney's "Cars." The all piled on the bean bag that was plenty big for them all!

 While the kids watched "Cars," we were downstairs watching "Parental Guidance." I have to admit, that movie made me laugh really hard AND I even shed some tears... not from laughing, but because it touched my heart. I know, I'm silly, but it was just a funny movie to me with a sweet ending.

It was a good day!

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Rochelle said...

How fun, I love splash pads (because I don't actually have to get in the water;)