Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coming up...

Nope, I'm still not writing... ugh.

I miss it.

But, so I don't forget, and you have something to look forward to, here's a list of what I will finally be getting around to writing down.

- Brother on Trek

- Sister's 8th Birthday

- Me and Marc in San Diego

- Sister's sayings and mixed up words

- A long lost family reunion

- Buddies!

- Daniel's in town

And not necessarily in that order because I am sure things will pop up that I just have to write about since I am so far behind.

Wish me luck on making time to write...

In the meantime you can get a giggle from this sweet little picture... it's really not supposed to be of me but I had to sneak it. Do you see the extremely blurred, glowy glasses to the left of my face. The blue-ish green ones are on the dad who was wearing them to be like his daughters who are wearing the white and red ones. I just had to take a picture because I thought it was so cute that he would wear the dorky, glowing glasses just because it made his daughters smile.

I love great parents!

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