Tuesday, August 27, 2013

She will not be named...

When did the role of womanhood become so degraded as to be only sold as sex?

Believe me, I want to be looked at by my husband as sexy AND hot, but I don't have to show off my body and what it can do to the world.

Sure, I like fashion just as much as any woman, but I do not see the need to sell sex while being in fashion.

Womanhood is a right and a blessing and should be respected by all—men and women alike.

But, it really makes me sick when it is a woman, or a girl, who degrades her role by selling her body to the world like it was some kind of auction item up to the highest bidder. Leaving little to anyones imagination... of course now-a-days I don't know that anyone has to have an imagination for anything... and that's sad too.

I cannot stand that a girl (she's 20 but I can't even respect her enough to call her a woman) who presents herself as an object ends up being the most talked about, Tweeted about, Facebooked about, Head News Storied about person in America. She is getting all the publicity she ever wanted, positive or negative.

Trust me, the Devil doesn't care what kind of attention he gets, as long as he gets it and a lot of it.

The fact that this particular TV station and Award Show even allowed any of it to be shown is a disgrace to music altogether.

Do we even know who won any awards for their musical talent? I haven't heard of anything, yet. Frankly, I never have watched this particular Award Show and didn't watch it this time either. The only reason why I know anything about this grotesque performance is because everyone feels the need to post a picture of her so we can all see how disgusting she really was, or send links so we can "see for ourselves" just how appalling it is.

It's human nature to be curious.

It's YouTube's job to keep those curiosities fed, and I am sure that they are seeing a pretty penny after the nation's curiosity of what happened at the recent Awards Show.

You know the more "we" unknowingly encourage everyone to "see" what she (who will not be named on my blog any time soon) the more popular she becomes, the more our children will talk about it, because we are and the more likely they are to want to watch it to see for themselves what everyone is talking about.

As for me, this is the only time you will see me post about this disgrace on womanhood and the slap in the face to intimacy.

I won't mention her name.

I won't give you any links.

I, frankly, am a little bugged that I am even posting about it ambiguously! You'll figure it out and want to decide for yourself if I am right or wrong—it's up for debate.

I just wanted to express my disdain for such an event as this that degrades all that I stand for and all that I have taught my girls to stand for.

I was saddened, as Marc and I walked along the Vegas Strip to see the shops and shows, to be bombarded by young women barely clothed only to make money from pictures people wanted to take with them.

Sex sells and they have learned that that is what the beauty of a woman's body can be—money.

Women are worth more than money.

Women are not just a body.

If we don't want men or women to only want a body then we need to show them more than just some skin!

We need to prove we are worth more than what the media tries to show us we are.

I think I'm sexy!


I said it.

I am a mom to 3 children with Fragile X Syndrome. I use my free time to advocate for them. My body is not perfect because I don't have the genetics to be pregnant 3 times without getting some stretch marks, but I will take credit that I was able to give birth to 3 human beings. I have bags under my eyes from being up late at night to care for one or more of our children. I am a few pounds over weight because sometimes I want to have ice cream late at night with my hubby when we have time alone while the kids are asleep. I exercise to be healthy and strong enough to take care of my children and my husband. I am not embarrassed about what I wear just because it is not what the world deems as "sexy." I love to cook and love to have others over to enjoy the food I make. I have my used my talents to serve and inspire.

I'd like to hear what "She, who will not be named," thinks makes her sexy... actually, NO, I wouldn't. It would most likely make me sick.

To any of you young women or men out there who may read this, PLEASE, don't let curiosity kill your appropriate innocence and certainly don't let the media and their pop stars show you how to be sexy.

I want to end with two insightful quotes that I hope help you understand why I am so passionate about the subject and beauty of womanhood:

“A beautiful, modest, gracious woman is creation’s masterpiece” 
                                                                   -David O. McKay

“A woman of sense and manners is the finest and 
most delicate part of God’s creation, the glory of her Maker. … 
He gave the best gift either God could bestow or man receive” 
                                         -Daniel Defoe, English writer

And just because this made me laugh, 
and I really can't stay mad for too long, here's my sexy photo...

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