Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Sound of Music on Sister's Day

So I was able to procure some free tickets for my two sisters, sister-in-law, my mom and myself this past Monday night to see an outdoor live performance of "The Sound of Music" at the Scera Shell Outdoor Theater right here in my town.

But as with anything that has to do with my family the entertainment began long before the play started.

Now let me set the scene: It is an outdoor theater set up on a hillside all facing the stage. You can either sit in the blanket area or the reserved seat area. The seat area you must bring your own chairs or you can rent their chairs for one dollar.

I am a cheap skate.

I brought my own chair.

We all did.

We are all cheap.

Sorry, girls.

We are.

So Kirsten, Chelsea and I got there early, so early in fact that when we showed up the whole middle section near the front was open! I gasped with excitement. There were two older (in their 70's at least) ladies seated way at the top and they heard me turn to Chelsea and Kirsten, "Do you think we can set our chairs here? Or do you think is is reserved, special seating?"

"Well the sign right in front of ya has a big arrow with the word 'chairs,' don't ya see it? Right there. Ya can't miss it. Of course you can put your chairs there!"

I started laughing and turned to them and said still laughing, "Well, I hope when I get to be your age I get tell people my age, 'Well, there's your sign!'" They started laughing right along with me. That was just my first encounter with snippy old ladies that night.


Have you ever sat your camp chair on a hill?


There's probably a reason why.

It's not really comfortable or feasible.

Here, let me show you:

Ya, see all the people in the white chairs behind me? They rented. You see the buck it takes to rent the danged chair is well worth it because they saw the legs part-way off the back of their chairs so you aren't leaning forward. Trust me, the people in the blue and green camp chairs changed their ways half way through the show...

Kirsten tried to show me how comfy she was, but she switched over as soon as our mom rented us all chairs (smile).

OK, so once we all arrived and got our chairs together, we just had to get a group shot. I mean, I have a blog to keep up on you know, oh, and memories to remember...

So I turned to some sweet old (once again in their late 60's early 70's) ladies and asked, "Hey, would one of you sweethearts take a picture of us in front of the stage?" The lady I had kind of directed my question to replied quite bluntly, but I could tell was half joking, "Oh, I ain't no sweetheart. I'll cut your heads off." I couldn't hold it in. I busted up. "Did you guys all hear that? She's not a sweetheart. And she'll cut our heads off. I think that about sums it up!" Everyone laughed and we had the lady next to her volunteer and she promised not to cut our heads off and even took a few extra for good measure. She even got a great outtake. I love those!

We must have been making quite a scene because even the usher behind and to the right is getting a chuckle! 
Ah, yes, we finally got it together.
So along with our craziness, we must also always have food. My mom not only made popcorn but brought treats and what is a play without a giant sucker? Well, it is just a play without a giant sucker... Anyway, I was happily enjoying my sucker during the grand rendition of "Do, Re, Mi" when I noticed this little blond boy turned around in his chair staring at me, correction, staring at my giant sucker. I felt kind of guilty that I had already started to slobber on it and couldn't offer it to him so I gave a guilty smile and started to try to hide it and Chelsea, for who knows what reason, took a picture of me. Ha! Ha! So here I am, caught on camera, guilty of making a poor little boy hungry for candy. Aw.

Sheesh! I look like the evil guy from "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

image courtesy of child

Ha! Ha!

Well, for reals, it was a great night and a GREAT play. I am so glad I could have a girls' night out with my sista's and mom before Marc and Brother left on their big adventure for the week. They just got home and I am so excited to tell you all about it!

Come back to hear about it on Monday!

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Kirsten said...

Oh. My. Goodness. So funny. I know what you should be for Halloween! You forgot the picture of the guy with glow glasses! ha ha